Fraud Protect for Shopify Payments

Protect your business from fraud

Fulfill more orders with confidence, while saving time with Fraud Protect.

Simplify your order fulfillment and let Shopify handle fraud reviews.

Save time

Simplify order fulfillment by taking fraud review and customer verification out of the process.

Fulfill more orders

Don’t miss out on a sale just because it looks risky. Fulfill more orders knowing Fraud Protect has you covered.

Sell with peace of mind

If a protected order receives a fraudulent chargeback, your sale is still guaranteed. Shopify covers the chargeback cost and fees.


Fraud Protect is currently limited to a group of merchants within the United States, but we plan to expand this product to more merchants in the future. If you are eligible, you'll receive an email and a notification in Shopify.

In the meantime, use fraud analysis to detect fraud and the fraud analysis guide to prevent fraudulent chargebacks.