Faster, easier, and more secure

One click purchasing

Now your customers can checkout with the click of a button. The embedded "Buy with Google" button let's your customers checkout without digging for a credit card or filling in a long form.

Perfect for mobile

With over 50% of your traffic coming from mobile devices, an easier way to checkout on smartphones and tablets means less time chasing abandoned shopping carts.

Safe and secure

With Google in your corner, you know your customers data is safe. Plus, you can build trust with new customers by offering a trusted alternative to the traditional checkout.

How can I start accepting Google Wallet payments?

Google Wallet for business makes it quick and easy for your customers to checkout from any device. All Shopify merchants in the US can accept Google Wallet. If you aren't a Shopify merchant, sign up and start accepting Google Wallet today.

Buy with Google

Goodbye leather, hello google

Enjoy all the benefits Google Wallet has to offer

Google Wallet is the next big thing in online payments. Accepting it means customers can checkout faster, avoid filling in forms, and use a payment method that they trust. For merchants, that means more sales and less hassle.

Fast and easy checkout

Sorry, Google Wallet has been discontinued. Take a look at other payment gateways available to you.

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