chapter 6

Marketing Your Pop-Up Shop Pt. 2

Amplifying Your Reach with Social Media

Hopefully prior to concepting your first pop-up, you’ve been busy building your social audience and getting people to spread the love when it comes to your products. Not only will this make getting the word out easier when you announce your first pop-up shop, but it can make a night-and-day difference in the amount of foot-traffic you can expect your social presence to drive to your store.

The easiest way to structure your social media strategy for your pop-up is to think of it around the life-cycle of your temporary store. In other words, before your pop-up, during your pop-up and after your pop-up.

However, before we even jump into that, we’d like to cover one of the most important aspects of your social media promotion strategy: picking the right hashtag. Why is this hashtag picking business so important? Simple, it’s going to create a point of consistency across your multi-channel campaign while giving you the ability to track, measure, and engage with your key evangelists.

So, how do you know if you’ve picked the right hashtag? Start by asking yourself the following key questions:

  • Are people already using the hashtag in conversations?
  • Is your hashtag easy to understand?
  • Is your hashtag catchy or memorable?
  • Is your hashtag easily relatable to your brand?
  • Is your hashtag short and concise?

Once you’ve picked the perfect hashtag for your pop-up store social media campaign, you’re ready to start thinking about how to take advantage of the web throughout the entire experience, from concept, to launch party, to tear-down time.

1) Building Buzz Before Your Pop-Up

Building hype, anticipation, and excitement around your pop-up store with your existing and hopefully growing social audience is key to having a successful launch and sustainable foot traffic throughout the duration of your pop-up. The key social channels we’re going to focus on are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest with the following tips:

  • Create a Facebook Event Page and invite all your followers, friends, and encourage them to invite their friends.
  • Snap photos of exclusive or limited time products you’ll be offering during the pop-up using Instagram with your hashtag.
  • Create a Pinterest board for all the different types of furniture, displays, and interior design props you’ll be using or taking inspiration from for your pop-up.
  • Document the building out of your pop-up space using Instagram.
  • Keep your Twitter audience updated with reminders, countdowns, and entertaining content throughout.

2) Keeping the Momentum Going During Your Pop-Up

You’ve put in a great amount of sweat, blood, and tears into launching your pop-up and then comes the launch party and the doors officially open for your first (hopefully, few) customers to walk through your doors and get a taste of what you have to offer. It’s vital that you don’t lose steam after building up the necessary buzz prior and keep your social efforts dialed-up. Here’s a few tips for key social media activity during your pop-up store:

  • Run a promotion or contest using Instagram, Twitter, or both by encouraging customers to share photos of your store, or taking selfies wearing your products, and hashtaging their photos for a chance to win a prize. It could be free products, cash, or whatever you can afford, just make sure it’s worth people’s while to participate.
  • Lock and load your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook guns during any and all events. Try your very best to make people who aren’t there but could be very jealous of what they’re missing out on. Hopefully, this will get them to walk through your doors the very next day.
  • Share memorable selfies with customers, press, influencers, and anyone else you make a special connection with.

3) Keeping In Touch After Your Pop-Up

Time will fly and soon after you begin, you’ll have to start tearing down that grand pop-up store of yours. But don’t the end of your temporary retail adventure keep you from slowing down on social, this is prime time to take the valuable connections you made during the event and turn them into evangelists and loyal customers. Here’s a few things you can do:

  • Thank customers who shared photos on their social accounts individually.
  • Take photos of the tear-down to elicit people’s reactions and gauge interest for another pop-up.
  • Share a coupon code for your online store for all those who missed the pop-up, or those who wanted something that was out of stock.

Go Wild with Guerilla Marketing

Although it’s very easy to spend the majority of your time behind a screen and feel like you’re getting a great deal done, it’s equally important to get out and talk to people. This means having a presence where you’re going to be opening up shop and putting together flyers to giveaway or free goodies to create a solid first impression. Chances are if they’re shopping there when you meet them, they frequent the area enough to want to come pay your pop-up shop a visit.

Tying It All Together With An Event Calendar

By now your head might be running wild with all the different marketing and promotional activity you need to be planning for in order to have a successful pop-up shop. One way to make this far more manageable is to create an event calendar where you meticulously note down what you will be doing and when, and we mean everything, from when you’ll be reaching out to media and influencers, to when your social media campaigns will be going out. Also, if you’re thinking about going at it alone, you’re in for a shock in regards to how much work it will end up being, so best to get some help. Now it’s time for the rubber to hit the road and for you to put everything in action. Good luck!

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