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How Rémy Cointreau brought its luxury spirits brands to life online with Shopify

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Previous Platform

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


Food and beverage

Use Case

Speed to launch, Replatforming


Shopify Plus, Shopify POS

Rémy Cointreau is a famous, family-owned French luxury spirits group with a centuries-old lineage spanning 14 exceptional brands. But as shopping pivoted online during the pandemic, traditional in-store and on-premise purchasing ground to a halt – while online deliveries soared. The business saw the urgent need to rapidly expand its ecommerce capabilities and continue serving customers online across multiple channels, long-term.

The Group needed a unified multi-brand and multi-market ecommerce platform. This solution also needed to maintain the distinct luxury identities of brands such as Rémy Martin cognac and Cointreau liqueur.

  • 15 ecommerce sites launched in one year
  • 3 markets: Expansion in France, UK and Germany
  • 3 sales channels integrated via Shopify POS

Rémy Cointreau's digital team assessed enterprise options, but ultimately chose Shopify Plus for its flexible approach, and ability to rapidly scale and launch new brands.

Our ambition was to develop with a critical pace our approach. Among the various options we considered, Shopify was identified as the most flexible solution, matching our needs. Therefore, we selected Shopify to be our Group solution.

  • Rémy Cointreau
  • Pasqual Ortuño Núñez — Group IT Digital Manager

The Solution

The Group initially launched Scottish single malt brand Bruichladdich on Shopify, before quickly expanding. Within 12 months, Rémy Cointreau had rolled out fifteen branded online stores across various key markets of France, the UK, and Germany.

Rémy Cointreau

But the company didn't stop at branded ecommerce sites. It also tapped Shopify's flexibility to integrate POS across three different verticals, unifying its digital and physical luxury shopping experiences.

By implementing Shopify POS in its boutiques, the same backend now powers three of Rémy Cointreau’s sales channels: ecommerce, in-store boutiques and direct purchases via private clients directors.

This seamless omnichannel approach provides Rémy Cointreau unmatched agility. The company can quickly spin up pop-up shops on any relevant event, easily implementing devices with numerous POS terminals.

It’s a matter of seconds for us to support new ideas.

  • Rémy Cointreau
  • Pasqual Ortuño Núñez — Group IT Digital Manager

Additionally, Shopify empowers Rémy Cointreau to share its brands' rich heritage and convey their prestige and DNA digitally. Through richly-designed storefronts, customers can delve into centuries of legacy before purchasing a spirit. “Shopify isn't just about transactions,” says Pasqual Ortuño Núñez. “You can build an amazing brand experience.”

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The Results

The results after moving to Shopify speak for themselves. In just three years, Rémy Cointreau has made ecommerce a core pillar of its overall sales strategy.

The Group is already seeing strong conversion rates and development opportunities such as one-page checkout optimisation and custom bottle builders following a first successful initiative with Champagne Telmont.

Rémy Cointreau

As a Group with multi centenary Maisons, Rémy Cointreau proves legacy and innovation can blend harmoniously. Leveraging Shopify's flexibility, the company is rapidly evolving its customer experience while remaining true to its brands' distinctive luxury identity.

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