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Explore the best shipping option for your business and save up to 88% using pre-negotiated rates on Shopify.

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Save up to 88%

Priority Mail®

This service includes tracking and delivery in 1–3 business days.

Save up to 17%

Priority Mail Express®

This service provides next-day to 2-day delivery by 6 pm with a money-back guarantee.

Media Mail®

This service is for sending small and large packages containing media only (books, film, sound and video recordings).

Save up to 27%

First-Class Package Service®

This service is an affordable and easy way to send packages in 2–5 business days.

Save up to 9%

Priority Mail International®

This service is a reliable and economical way to ship to more than 180 countries in 6–10 business days.

Save up to 9%

Priority Mail Express International®

This service is fast, reliable, and affordable. Ship to more than 180 countries in 3–5 business days.

Save up to 17%

First-Class Package International Service®

This is an affordable international service for small packages of up to 4 lbs and $400 in value.

Save up to 86%

Ground Advantage®

This service is an easy, reliable and affordable way to ship packages in 2 - 5 business days.

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