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Bead Business Name Ideas Generator (2024)

Generate business name ideas for your bead store.

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Creating and selling beads is a fun, creative business that can take a number of forms. You might sell beads to small jewelry businesses or create wholesale options for big-box craft stores. It’s up to you—but if you want to generate a loyal customer base, it all starts with your bead business name. Use our bead business names generator to find inspiration as you start the brainstorming process.

Tips for creating a great beads business name

Looking for ideas for your bead brand name? Follow these tips to create memorable bead business names.

Choose a creative bead business name.

When you name your bead business, consider pulling in craft keywords, colorful terms, and other fun and creative words that will help your business name stand out. Try coining a new word or creating a portmanteau of two relevant terms. Names like “Beadology” and “Glasé” are catchy and memorable, and they’ll help you stand out from the competition.

Use your business name to suggest what kinds of beads you sell.

There are so many different types of beads: wooden, resin, polymer clay, glass, gemstones—the list goes on. You may choose to specialize in one specific kind, or you might decide to source and sell all types of beads. Regardless of which direction you want to take your bead business, consider adding the type of beads you’re selling into your business name. Names like “Opal & Pearl” and “Bedazzled Beads” set the tone for the types of beads your customers can expect to find at your shop.

Create an original name that isn’t similar to any competitors.

Do market research and competitor analysis to assess which bead shop names are already in use. This will give you a clear idea who your direct competitors are so you can choose an original business name that will stand out. Whether you sell custom beaded bracelets or multicolored glass beads, the name you choose for your store should be distinct and unforgettable—like “Aquamarine Bead Shop” or “Everlasting Beads.”

Choose a name that’s visually striking.

Keep your logo and branding design top of mind while you brainstorm bead business name ideas. If you choose visually flowery terms for your business name (think words with diacritical marks or uncommon letters), you can easily depict them in your logo. Choosing a name like “Ocean Beads” might lead you to choose a beachy logo, while something like “Sparkle Beads” might have you create a minimalistic but shimmery design.

30 ideas for good bead company names

Looking for a starting point for naming your bead store? These bead business names are a great source of inspiration.

  1. 1. Bead Baby
  2. 2. The Bead Superstore
  3. 3. Charmed
  4. 4. Bead-a-lot
  5. 5. The Bead Place
  6. 6. Beadly
  7. 7. Glaze Beads
  8. 8. Beads On Beads
  9. 9. Beadland
  10. 10. Sparkle Craft Beads
  11. 11. Bead Supply
  12. 12. Beadology
  13. 13. Daily Charms
  14. 14. Bedazzled Beads
  15. 15. Pastel Beads
  16. 16. Opal & Pearl
  17. 17. Pearlescent Bead Co.
  18. 18. Crystal Beads
  19. 19. Mini Beads
  20. 20. Glass Bead Wholesalers
  21. 21. Shining & Shimmering
  22. 22. Glasé
  23. 23. Everlasting Beads & Company
  24. 24. Volcanic Beads
  25. 25. Bbbeads
  26. 26. The Bead Scene
  27. 27. Aquamarine Beads
  28. 28.
  29. 29. Beading
  30. 30. Ocean Beads

You've chosen a company name. Now what?

You’ve named your business—congrats! Once you’ve secured your website domain with our domain name generator (tip: aim for something as close to your name as possible), it’s time to set up your store on Shopify.

Let your brand grow by designing a free logo with Shopify’s logo maker, and select an online store theme that resonates with your style.

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Frequently asked questions

Couldn’t find the information you were looking for? No worries—you’re covered right here.

The bead shop name generator provides instant suggestions in three simple steps:

  1. Think of a word that best describes your bead brand
  2. Enter it into the name generator field
  3. Click on the “Generate names” button

All done! Now you have 100 possible business names to select from or use as inspiration.

When it comes to bead business names, it’s all about authenticity. What sets your bead shop apart? Do your products have a unique story? Do you sell kits to make your own beaded crafts? Consider the type of experience you’re selling and who your customers will be. In general, successful bead business names are:

  • Universal: this means the brand name makes sense across different languages
  • Easy to pronounce: you want your bead brand name to be easy to find and remember
  • Non-specific: if you have a vision of expanding your bead business, you may want to ensure your brand name isn’t too specific so you can include other products or services

These days business names are as diverse as the products and services themselves. Shopify’s free name generator is here to help inspire a creative and unique name for your business.

Catchy bead shop names are original, fresh, and memorable. As you brainstorm a name, consider employing these methods to inject a little fun into it:

  • Alliterate (e.g. Blackbird Beading)
  • Use acronyms (e.g. FSB - Free Spirit Beads)
  • Rhyme (e.g. Tweed & Beads)
  • Abbreviate (e.g. The Colorful Bead Co.)

You can search words in Shopify’s free business name generator tool, but here are some examples of creative words to include in a bead shop name:

  • Feather (Flock & Feather Beads)
  • Harmony (Harmony Bracelets)
  • Amethyst (Ascending Amethyst)
  • Pop (Cherry Pop Beading)
  • String (Silk & String)
  • Basic (Basic Beads)

Yes. The beaded jewelry name generator tool from Shopify is free to use for all businesses and entrepreneurs. You can run as many searches as you like!

Here are a few examples of popular bead brand names for inspiration:

  • T Balance
  • Allthemust
  • Musa by Bobbie
  • Samantha Tea
  • Timeless Pearly
  • Fourseven

Ready to spend less time thinking of names and more time building your bead business?

With Shopify’s bead business name generator, you can get 100 creative, relevant name ideas for your bead business in just seconds.

The names generated are examples only and may be used by other businesses or subject to third-party rights. By using them, you agree to these Terms.