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Commerce should have more independent voices, not fewer. Take the steps to start the business you always dreamed of with a 120-day free trial of Shopify.

Resources when you need them

Simplify your launch with custom educational programming, tools, and resources from logo generators, to blog posts with expert tips.

Support at every step

From start up to scale up, develop your business with exclusive courses, virtual workshops, and one-on-one coaching from Operation HOPE.

Exclusive peer-to-peer community

It takes a community to build a business. Get exclusive access to the Shopify Build Black Community to connect with other Black entrepreneurs using Shopify for their business.

Have questions?

What is the One Million Black Businesses initiative?

The One Million Black Business & Black Entrepreneurship Initiative (1MBB) was created by Shopify and Operation Hope to help remove more of the traditional barriers to Black entrepreneurship by providing tools, resources, and education.

Who is this program for?

Whether you have a dream for starting your own business, or are an existing entrepreneur looking to grow your business, 1MBB is designed to push you closer to your goals. Today our program focuses on Black-identifying entrepreneurs in the United States.

What's free during the 120-day trial?

The extended trial only applies to subscription fees. Transaction fees for online purchases will be charged after your trial ends.

Can I get the extended trial if I already signed up for Shopify before the initiative?

On trials or paid plans, unfortunately not. But you can join the Build Black Community to enjoy the other benefits of the 1MBB program including tailored education and networking opportunities.

Am I eligible for a subscription credit if I am an existing merchant on the Shopify platform?

No, but you can still enroll and enjoy other benefits of the 1MBB program.

I’m not ready to start a store yet. How long will the 120-day extended trial for Black entrepreneurs be offered through this initiative?

The 1MBB initiative will run until 2030, so you have lots of time. By starting a trial now, you can explore what Shopify has to offer to help guide the direction of your business, no matter what stage you’re at.

"You can literally create your business and start making money."

Adriane Mack, Co-Owner of BoujFleaMarket & 1MBB Participant

Resources and community

Exclusive ecommerce bootcamp

Take your business online with the Shopify's exclusive Ecommerce bootcamp with courses, study guides, and tips to help you launch and grow.

Join the Build Black Community

Once you’re all signed up, apply to join the Shopify Build Black community and connect with business owners like you.

Get training and mentorship

No matter what stage you’re at in your journey, Operation HOPE has the resources, training, and guidance to help you succeed.