Content Delivery Network

We just enabled our new content delivery network for all Basic, Professional and Enterprise Shopify accounts.

What is a CDN?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations around the Planet to deliver content more efficiently to users. The server selected for delivering content to a specific user is based on proximity. For example, the server with the fewest network hops or the server with the quickest response time is chosen and will service the users requests.

This means that Shopify stores should come up almost instantaneously all around the globe. Quick response times have shown to increase the conversion rates in ecommerce and we are bringing this feature to all our subscribers at no additional cost.

Shopify is the only ecommerce software which offers this feature. Take a peek at the ping times from different places. Wikipedia on CDN.



  • Ryan
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    Am I correct in understanding this hasn’t been instituted for those on the Grandfather plan?

  • @Shopify James MacAulay
    James MacAulay
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    …and compare with pings to just our Toronto servers, which is all we had before.

  • @Shopify tobias Lütke
    tobias Lütke
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM


    This is unfortunately correct. Many grandfather plans don’t see any activity and because of the nature of the pricing for such accounts we cannot afford the CDN bills.

  • Ryan
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    That’s kind of a bummer seeing how those on the Grandfather plan or some of Shopifys oldest and most loyal users.

  • rob.
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    I agree with Ryan. What a bummber. Some/Most grandfathered users also help out quite often in forums helping answer questions from new users. We/They don’t have to, but do it to be helpful since we’ve been here longer.

    I think your grandfathered accounts have helped shopify to become what it is, because without them/us… no one would have ever tried shopify out.

    What a bummber, indeed.

  • Josh Niemyjski
    Josh Niemyjski
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    Fantastic work guys! This is why I love your service.

  • Crystal
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    I have to agree with ryan and bob. Without members like us, you would not be where you are today.

    Kinda feels like we are getting a raw deal since we were first to try it out and make a go of shopify and spread the word to get you more business.

  • Daniel
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    If you look into CDNs, they aren’t cheap. It’s actually remarkable that not only enterprise accounts get to use them but even the lower plans.

  • Rudolf
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    Who came up with the idea that Grandfather sites don’t support Shopify financially? At the time we were given a choice I decided on the old plan for various reasons, but it was never cheap and I still pay Shopify their commission on every transaction, which incidentally comes out higher than their monthly plan. We were not told that we were in the future going to be excluded from upgrades as far as I remember.
    So, I think the “Grandfathers” have reason to be disappointed. They have made Shopify what it is and often it’s the old hands and not JP that come through on the forums and answer questions skillfully and fast. If there are sites just sitting there, not making any money then perhaps they should be given an ultimatum to generate sales within a (for example 6 or 12-month) window or get swept out with the trash.
    To make us feel like we’re now some sort of cyber squatters simply doesn’t make sense.

  • Damien Buckley
    Damien Buckley
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    This is great news – particularly for those of us on the far side of the moon so to speak ; ) Even though we’ve always found Shopify speedy enough, it will be great to see how this affest our stores.

    It is a bummer on the Grandfathered plans but JP can’t be expected to absorb these costs forever and in my opinion is one more reason to upgrade. At the end of the day Shopify is a business and if we dont support it financially, they wont be there for us in the future.

  • Frank32
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    As far as I can tell, subscribers can switch to other plans, though probably not be able to switch back for whatever reason. I’m glad they’re still offering the “Grandfather” plan, it does save me a little bit. It’s possible they needed a carrot to interest subscribers in abandoning the old plan. Personally, I’ll sit tight for the moment, it’s not something I need.

  • Housh
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    I think Tobias makes a very valid point. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. Most grandfather plans are likely either inactive or have very few sales per month thereby making it more attractive for the account owner to not transition to a monthly pricing plan (hence any compensation that Jaded Pixel gets for those sites hosted in the grandfather plan ranges mostly between nil to not much). All of us that have an ecommerce site can appreciate the importance of avoiding business moves that result in negative return on investment.

    For those grandfathered accounts that do generate a significant amount of sales and feel left out, why not transition to a monthly plan if it will save you money and get you the CDN feature?

  • Jared
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    I’m thinking it may be time to move on from Shopify. Between not being able to get answers in the forum (my questions aren’t important enough to get stars) and now this.

    I am thankful to Shopify for the Grandfather plan, we never would have started a website without the option of not having to pay a monthly fee. But I feel like I am not longer a valued customer.


  • Jade
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    Another example of lack of customer consultation, no warning before changes made and poor communication and along with almost zero customer support this is not a good sign.

  • Olu
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    This is simply – crap, you’ve got to have a rethink because this has to do with service delivery and 3% commission Grandfather Plan is not free after all except, I presume you are looking for a way to cancel this plan altogether. Let us know where you stand.

    To Rudolf, I think you are wrong to moot the idea that stores could be given ultimatum to generate sales within a period of time or be swept to bin, sorry, which planet are you from?

    To others, I salute you all, let’s call a spade a spade, and face reality.

    This is a bummer indeed.

  • Rudolf
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    Wasn’t there a group formed from users and staff a while back to act as an advisory body? If I’m not wrong, why not publish their recommendations before implementing new rules? It seems that consensus paves the way for changes everyone had a change to react to? I understand that this is a business, but frankly it’s also in its present phase reminiscent of a high-school project running out of the workshop before real world ecommerce sensibilities were applied (still no global price changes possible, nor ways to search products other than flipping through page after page, for example). If Shopify was ready for “Enterprise” it would have a lot more to offer than it presently does (such as administrator roles and permissions), one reason why I grandfathered in, awaiting maturity faithfully and loyally, but also with less enthusiasm as time goes by and features that set other carts apart remain elusive. And that’s my point, that those who dealt with the initial shortcomings and actively participated in the first steps handholding don’t deserve to be regarded freeloaders, or lesser than those that pay the later implemented subscription fee.

  • @Shopify James MacAulay
    James MacAulay
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    The vast majority of improvements to Shopify apply equally to grandfather accounts all the way to enterprise accounts, at no extra charge to any of our users.

    This particular improvement happens to be limited to some accounts, for reasons already mentioned. Grandfather accounts today are getting a better deal than they ever have, because of the many improvements we have made since those accounts were created.

    Jade: I’m not sure what warning we should be expected to give for a free upgrade to some of our plans.

  • @Shopify tobi
    April 25 2008, 03:17PM

    If you could economically provide the CDN to grandfather accounts we would have. If you want the CDN you can simply upgrade on the account page in your admin.

  • Keith
    May 22 2013, 12:22PM

    Thru does content delivery by syncing data centers across the globe for low latency uploads and downloads of corporate data.

    You should check it out.

  • Ola
    December 06 2015, 03:14AM

    Hi there! I’m joining in on the conversation on a more technical note – does Shopify’s CDN allow to create virtual files? I am looking for a solution to creating an image and video sitemap and a robots.txt to my Shopify online store.

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