Introducing Shopify POS

Introducing Shopify POS


Today we’re excited to announce Shopify POS, a brand new, fully integrated point of sale system that bridges the gap between offline and online retail.

Shopify POS delivers in-store and online inventory synchronization, out-of-the-box credit card processing, and detailed reporting - all bundled in an easy-to-use, beautiful looking setup that you can take anywhere.

If you run an online store and a brick-and-mortar retail operation, we know you’re going to love it.

Let’s take a closer look at how retailers can start selling more with Shopify POS.

Manage Your Entire Business from One Dashboard

Shopify POS lets you easily manage all aspects of your business from one beautiful dashboard.

You can add a product or update inventory on one side of the system, and it’s instantly updated across the board – creating an organized, seamless integration between selling online and selling in-store.

Retailers no longer have to keep track of two sets of inventories, two product catalogs, and two payment systems.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

The Shopify card reader lets you take your store on the road. With a card reader plugged into an iPad, orders can be taken and payment accepted from anywhere.

This is great for taking your store with you to events like pop-ups, farmers markets and trade shows.

Instantly Start Accepting Credit Cards

Shopify Payments, our groundbreaking payment system, lets you instantly begin processing credit cards both online and in-store.

With Shopify Payments you get low credit card rates, no fees for processing American Express or international credit cards, and no fees for included PCI Compliance protections.

Complete Hardware Kit

Shopify POS runs on an iPad and requires only the free Shopify POS app and a Shopify credit card reader to begin accepting payments.

It’s a lightweight system that allows you to accept payments anywhere and creates in-store mobility providing an “Apple-store experience” for your customers.

Or, you can choose to upgrade to the complete Shopify Hardware Kit including credit card reader, cash drawer, iPad stand and receipt printer is available for purchase through the Shopify POS hardware store.

Analytics and Reporting

With the all new Shopify Reports, merchants can clearly track information on sales, customers, visitors, and more from both offline and online sources using their Shopify dashboard.

This is great for gaining critical insights into your business so you can adapt and optimize your business over time.

Email Receipts

Shopify POS lets store-owners choose between printing an order receipt, or instantly sending an attractive, customized version to customers through email.

Not only is this convenient for your customers, it also creates some interesting email marketing opportunities for merchants like including a discount code for a future purchase or information about your loyalty program for example.

Check out the full features of Shopify POS or try the Demo now.


We've released a new version of Shopify POS with lower pricing, gift cards and more new features. Check out what's new.

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