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Cozykids uses Flow and Launchpad to automate its processes, remove human error, and dramatically increase efficiency

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Cozykids is a one-stop shop for all things baby and child. Whether it’s toys, decorations, accessories, games, or furniture, Cozykids does it all.

Launching in 2016, the brand has grown immensely over four years to become Greece’s favorite online store for kids, and with its sights set on expanding globally, Cozykids knew it needed to be able to scale fast. Since migrating to Shopify Plus, Cozykids has enjoyed:

  • Using Launchpad to help boost site traffic 40% and revenue 82%
  • A significant reduction in staff time used for tracking inventory by using Shopify Flow
  • Reduced human error and increased efficiency of stock management


In a time when Greece’s most popular childrens’ toy and homeware retailers were mostly bricks and mortar stores, Cozykids set out to challenge the status quo. The brand began in ecommerce in 2016, and was built up slowly and steadily through regular curated content that ensured Cozykids’ brand voice was consistent with its physical store and customer experience.

With growth steadily increasing, in 2018 Cozykids decided to accelerate its scaling significantly. The business wanted to expand internationally, be innovative with marketing, and simplify its back-end processes.

However, the company’s platform was having difficulty keeping up with this expedited growth, requiring constant human intervention to manage, as well as experiencing a scaling issue with its servers.

Migrating Cozykids to Shopify Plus provided us with both the tools and the opportunity to completely integrate the online and offline parts of the business in order to create a seamless experience for users and customers—all without having to worry about optimization or compatibility issues.


Panos Voulgaris — Creative Director


Cozykids migrated to Shopify Plus, launching a new brand and a new concept store. Its partner agency Malvi led the implementation using Shopify Flow—an ecommerce automation tool—to solve Cozykids’ everyday problems by reducing human error and automating tasks like back in stock notifications, hiding and showing products based on inventory levels, and alerting subscribers when a major sales event is on.

Here’s how Cozykids used Flow to effectively optimize the brand’s growth, and streamline processes.

Automating the management of decreasing stock

Using Flow, Cozykids now receives automated notifications when product inventory drops below a predetermined stock level. This flow is critical for the brand’s marketing department, as they know when to stop promoting products with very low inventory and when to start promoting other items. Cozykids built this flow by customizing the automated action that occurs for pre-defined product groups, no longer requiring its staff to use time manually monitoring inventory levels.

In addition, Cozykids has also built a flow where certain products are hidden as soon as they are out of stock, are part of a limited run, or the brand knows it won't be able to get them back in stock.

Automating customer engagement for out of stock items

Cozykids also uses Shopify Flow to allow customers to pre-order out of stock products and to email customers when certain items are back in stock. “Usual stock management involves human involvement, but by using Shopify POS and setting up Flow, we have now shaved a huge amount of time and eliminated human error.” says Voulgaris. “When dealing with a catalog of 6,000-7,000 products, that’s incredibly helpful. Flow makes it easy.”

Automating marketing campaigns

Sometimes considered as just a way to drop new products or promote sales, Cozykids uses Launchpad—a customer support and productivity tool exclusive to Shopify Plus—in creative ways. In July 2019, a month that is historically slow for the brand, Cozykids decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing by creating a space-themed event. Overnight, the brand completely transformed its site’s visual theme, style, and logo.

The Cozykids website featuring a space-themed aesthetic to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

Automations have made commerce management and marketing efforts much more effective, while the ability to go from idea to implementation for new features within just a few hours has proven to be invaluable—especially during a really challenging time.


Panos Voulgaris — Creative Director


Previously, Cozykids spent significant staff time tracking inventory and dealing with refunds or cancellations. Now, the company has these processes fully automated by using Shopify Flow, streamlining mundane tasks across thousands of products and boosting staff efficiency across the board.

“We reinvested time that we saved on Shopify Plus into ecommerce management, optimizing shipping, ensuring quality translations, and we focused more time to curate products and produce engaging content,” says Voulgaris. “It’s been a huge time saver.”

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Cozykids’ use of Flow and Launchpad brought with it discerning results. Its space-themed event, for example, was such a hit that it boosted traffic 40% compared to the previous year, generating an 82% increase in revenue and a 49% increase in returning customer rate during that same time.

Overall, since moving to Shopify Plus, Cozykids has reached a new level of success: Revenue is up 145%, and traffic is up 265%, too.

With Shopify Plus, it is about being able to do things you weren’t able to do before and to create a consistent in-store and online store experience. You can automate, accelerate, and it just works. You can spend your time more efficiently. Through Scripts and Flow, you have the opportunity to be more creative.


Panos Voulgaris — Creative Director

Flow can be used in different ways, and can be tailored to your business. If you’re interested in installing an inventory management Flow that will help automate your brand’s work streams, reduce human error, and save time, click here. To view all available Flow templates, click here.


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