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Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Our Target Persona Journey Map will help you understand your customers’ journey better. Structure your website, marketing, and more to create an experience they’ll love.

A user interface with a bar graph in the middle and multiple emojis featuring console controller, first day to first sale banner, lamp, bottle, plus sign, smiling emoji and a credit card.

If you don’t understand how your customers experience your online business, your retention and conversion rates will suffer. From the moment a customer first sees your product, to when they hit “buy now”, they go on a journey through many touchpoints.

This template will help you map out customers’ needs and concerns, so you know how to motivate them to act. With it, you can create a site that encourages them to buy from you, and keeps them coming back regularly to check out your latest items.

A female in burgundy top smiling while holding her purchases in biege bags and looking away from a photographer. There are multiple decorations of different sizes and colors right behind her.

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