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How to sell handcrafts online in just 5 steps

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Free guides

Visit the Shopify Help Center for FAQs and tutorials on how to set up and run your handcrafts business. Connect with other business owners on the discussion forums to chat about marketing, shipping, and much more.

Professional tools

Build a store as unique as your crafts with over 70 customizable and responsive themes. Quickly fulfil orders, track inventory, and review customer history all from one unified dashboard.

Creative marketing

Integrate with social media to keep your customers thinking about your handmade goods. Boost sales by offering targeted discount codes, and build trust with shoppers using product reviews.

Renowned support

Rely on Shopify’s 24/7 support team to provide solutions to almost any issue your business encounters. Connect over online chat, phone, or email for advice on how to take your business wherever you choose.

Learn more about selling handcrafts

  • You can sell handmade online via your own store built with a platform like Shopify, on third-party marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, with niche sites like Etsy and Big Cartel, and on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. You can also sell handmade items wholesale to other businesses.

  • Yes, you can sell handmade items and crafts on Shopify. Shopify is a great place to sell your handmade items because there are no marketplace fees and you own your customer list while having more control over your business.

  • Best-selling crafts include:

    • Apparel
    • Accessories
    • Jewelry
    • Art
    • Food
    • Candles
    • Subscription boxes
    • Skincare
  • To price handmade products, total all of the costs associated with creating your item and bringing it to market, set your profit margin on top of those expenses, and list your prices. You can change prices over time to increase sales or profit margins.

Custom apps

Choose from over 6000 Shopify apps to create crafting videos, insure orders, or start a loyalty program. Add to your store’s features and see the results in your conversions.

Flexible selling

Sell your handcrafts online, at the local market, and wherever your customers shop. Keep track of all your sales and inventory data no matter where you sell with the Shopify POS app.

Scalable pricing plans

For handmade crafts businesses at every stage and size

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Try Shopify free for 3 days, no credit card required. By entering your email, you agree to receive marketing emails from Shopify.

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