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J&CO expands its international footprint with robust localization tools

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Starting as a hobby, J&CO has built a global reputation on the quality of its handmade, customized jewelry and reasonable price point. Today, the company ships up to 10,000 orders direct to customers each month and has a rapidly expanding wholesale business, contributing to 800% revenue growth over five years. When the online jewelry seller decided to expand into new markets, website localization was non-negotiable if the brand wanted to build trust with international customers and wholesalers. Without the ability to sell its products in local languages and currencies, J&CO would have not been able to realize its expansion goals.

After upgrading to Shopify Plus, which allows for up to 20 languages, J&CO gained the ability to install language translator and currency converter applications to localize its e-commerce presence in the multiple countries and regions on its expansion map. This has helped the brand successfully expand its international footprint. Offering pricing customization in this manner meant that J&CO's customer groups were able to have a seamless and simple online shopping experience, which naturally helped J&CO establish itself among other local jewelry brands.

The brand also implemented Shopify Scripts, which allowed it to automate discounts and offer dynamic pricing. This was particularly important for J&CO, as it dealt with a wide network of wholesalers from across the world. The ability to offer multi-tier wholesale discounts was a key way to ensure that its customers remained engaged and felt appreciated.

Customization and personalization are important to us, and Shopify Plus enables that. Not only can we segment customers and customize to their individual needs, we can also easily integrate apps like language translator and currency converter to help us strengthen our international footprint.

  • J&Co
  • Jenny Kwang — Founder and CEO

With Shopify Plus, J&Co saw results fast.


Increase in wholesale sales with Shopify Scripts


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