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Italian footwear retailer PittaRosso breaks online sales records with headless

Previous Platform

Adobe Commerce


Fashion and apparel

Use Case

Multi-channel and omnichannel, Growth and scale, Replatforming


Byte Code

PittaRosso is an Italian powerhouse in the footwear retail industry. The company offers a wide range of products and brands in over 150 retail stores across Europe. Despite its brick and mortar soul, ecommerce became an important asset for their business, especially after migrating to Shopify.

Since moving to Shopify Plus, the brand has seen:

  • 27% increase in 2022 BFCM revenue compared to 2021
  • 11% year-over-year increase in ecommerce conversion rate
  • 37% year-over-year growth in online net profit


Adobe Commerce, their previous platform, couldn't support the brand’s ambition to scale an online platform and go omnichannel. PittaRosso’s team couldn’t operate the store autonomously, and simple tasks took them hours of work. Most of their product pages didn’t rank well on search engines, due to poor website core performances like page speed. Above all, PittaRosso needed customization and creative control. 

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PittaRosso’s new technology partner Byte-Code chose Shopify Plus and a headless architecture to support the company’s goals. The brand tapped Boraso agency for SEO architecture and content strategy consultation.

Byte-Code built an entirely custom storefront and CMS that integrated easily with the existing tech stack and significantly increased their loading speed. This improved user experience and marketing performance across organic channels, with better SEO results, and paid traffic, due to a higher campaigns Quality Score. 2022 ROAS doubled their reference benchmark.

COVID-19 restriction understandably boosted ecommerce sales for the brand in 2021. However, 2022 brought an even greater increase in revenue from their online channels, with a 37% year-over-year growth in online net profit. “With Shopify, we now feel like the true owners of our ecommerce operations," Pietro Rossato, Digital Manager, PittaRosso

PittaRosso now seamlessly leverages and integrates new apps within the Shopify Plus ecosystem. The brand introduced Klarna's “Buy Now, Pay Later” and Klaviyo for their marketing automation.

When launching new catalogs, the team uses the app Auto Tags to automatically enrich product pages with tags based on custom rules, and they can integrate multiple product feeds on different channels with Multifeeds. This saves them hundreds of man-hours a year. 

Their goal is to keep expanding their multichannel approach by integrating more Shopify products, such as Shopify POS, into their strategy.


With only a small team working on PittaRosso’s online presence, their ecommerce store contributes significantly to the success of the company.

Today, PittaRosso competes with top digital native brands and keeps breaking their own online sales records: ecommerce sales in January 2023 have been the highest ever achieved by the company. 

The new possibilities opened up by Shopify's powerful dashboard allowed us to change the way we see online sales as a company. It’s a mindset shift that digital innovations such as Shopify make possible.

  • PittaRosso
  • Pietro Rossato — Digital Manager

With Shopify Plus, PittaRosso saw results fast.


increase in BFCM revenue


increase in conversion YoY


revenue growth YoY online

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