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Skin Inc 4X’s revenue with powerful customizations

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Adobe Commerce


Health, beauty, and cosmetics

Use Case

Customization, Global commerce

Sabrina Tan, founder and CEO of Skin Inc, believes everyone should have access to high-quality, personalized skincare that helps people look and feel their best. Leveraging over a million skin profiles curated from Skin Inc’s proprietary Skin Identity Check, the skincare brand has rapidly expanded to over 78 cities.


As a brand that prides itself on personalization, the team at Skin Inc was frustrated with the lack of tools to personalize and optimize the customer's journey on its website and storefront. For example, even the smallest changes to the website required a software developer to implement them, and the mobile experience was clunky and slow. These issues were compounded during sales seasons when high volumes of traffic impacted performance. To minimize risk, the team relied on a single website for all customers, irrespective of their country.

Skin Inc needed a solution to empower team members to easily customize the web and storefront experience so they could optimize every customer journey.

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Skin Inc migrated from its legacy solution to Shopify Plus in 2019, immediately finding ways to improve the customer’s experience. With Shopify Plus's expansion store capabilities, Skin Inc quickly launched multiple versions of the website catered to different markets and customer personas. 

Using LaunchPad, a feature available to Shopify Plus customers, anyone on the Skin Inc team can create sales events—customizing tasks from price promotions to inventory levels without support from a developer. The end result is a website and shopfront that is as unique as everyone’s skincare needs.

Shopify Plus also seamlessly integrates with marketing tools and loyalty programs. These tools allow Skin Inc to personalize customer communication, leading to more accurate, data-driven direct marketing strategies and enhanced CRM management.


Skin Inc’s revenue has increased fourfold since moving to Shopify Plus. Customers find the online shopping experience tailored to their needs, with conversion rates doubling. Return business has also increased by 15%.

Time spent managing sales events, website performance, and mobile useability has been cut in half, allowing the Skin Inc team to focus on new product innovations like its SABI AI app, the world's first 8-in-1 virtual wellness and skin coach app. Skin Inc is now looking to use Shopify Plus to expand its social commerce offering and integrate inventory tracking with physical retail locations. 

I was really drawn to Shopify’s ‘Plug and Play’ approach which lets us scale and adapt our business easily. Shopify Plus’s integrations have been crucial in empowering us to reach a global audience and ensure that every customer receives a personalized experience.

  • Skin Inc
  • Sabrina Tan — CEO and Founder

With Shopify Plus, Skin Inc saw results fast.


cross-border revenue


improved conversion rate


less time spent on operations

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