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The Connected Storefront: Top Omnichannel Tactics for Apparel Brands

Watch this expert panel discussion to learn how apparel retailers can master omnichannel selling.

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About the webinar

To show up for today’s omnichannel shoppers, apparel retailers need to know what's stocked where and who's shopping when to deliver a smooth and personalized experience. That’s where you need the right solutions to connect the dots.

In this exclusive webinar learn how Shopify POS simplifies omnichannel selling for apparel brands. You'll hear from the co-founders of Vestique, a fashion retailer that sells online and in store at 12 locations. You'll also get tips from Mike Riess, owner of Riess Group, who has been helping brands get set up to sell everywhere with Shopify since 2007.

You'll learn how to:

Connect online and in-store moments with an omnichannel strategy

Deliver personalized in-store experiences to build customer loyalty

Maximize inventory availability across channels with effective inventory management

Improve flexibility with omnichannel order fulfillment services

Meet customers where they are through app integrations and selling on new channels

Meet the expert panel

Caroline Cunham, Co-Founder, Vestique


Caroline Cunham


Morgan Lashley, Co-Founder, Vestique


Morgan Lashley


Mike Riess, Owner, Riess Group

Riess Group

Mike Riess


John Sime, Product Marketing Lead, Shopify


John Sime

Product Marketing Lead

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