Turn up your music business

Your fans already love your music on Spotify. Make it easy for them to support you directly by selling your merch with Shopify.

A musician with a laptop and 2 album interfaces are shown to listen or purchase.

Set up your 24/7 merch table

Create an online store that’s on-brand for you. Customize it to match your unique style.

Grow with your fanbase

Shopify is built for artists of any scale, from superstars to one-man shows.

Meet your superfans

Shopify’s sales analytics helps you understand where your fans are buying—Spotify or elsewhere.

Get up and running in 3 steps

A Shopify interface that connects your Shopify store address to your account with Spotify. Three products are shown and a sales report infographic is displayed.

Step 1

Create an online store for your products with an exclusive 90-day free trial only available to Spotify musicians.

Step 2

Visit your Spotify for Artists dashboard on desktop, visit the Profile section, and under the “Merch” tab, connect to your Shopify store.

Step 3

Once you’ve linked your accounts, you’ll manage inventory, orders, and everything about your store from your Shopify admin.

Set up shop (almost) anywhere on the internet

Sell on Spotify—and anywhere else your fans shop

The Spotify interface is shown here with three merchandise options to purchase.

Sell where your fans shop

Once you create your Shopify store, you can sell your merch on Spotify, Facebook, TikTok, and more.

Go international with ease

Whether your music takes off in the US, Japan, or Zimbabwe, you can sell merch in their language and currency.

Turn your biggest fans into your best customers

Tag your products in your Spotify videos for free

An album cover with an email interface to have conversations going between you and your fans to buy merch is shown.

Reward your superfans

Shopify gives you the ability to offer discounts or presale access for anyone you’d like to thank.

Keep the conversation going

When a fan buys your merch, stay in touch via marketing campaigns sent with Shopify Email.

Get your fans in on the fun with merch they want to share

Make your brand part of their story

An interface with a musician behind a laptop on live with new merchandise drop including a cassette, t-shirt, and vinyl

Merch on demand

Skip the headache of managing inventory and set up a print on demand service to fulfill your orders.

A store that looks like you

Keep it simple with one of our 70+ professionally designed themes or hire a Shopify Expert for a custom look and feel.

Build hype with product drops

There’s nothing like the anticipation before a good show—create exclusive merch they can’t wait for.

Start selling on Spotify

Create a Shopify account, connect your account to Spotify, and take advantage of an exclusive 90-day free trial offer.