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How Jenni Kayne Home Builds Lasting Loyalty

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the California lifestyle brand creates standout shopping experiences that keep customers coming back—online and in store.

An outdoor furniture set in a beautiful backyard. Over the image is Jenni Kayne's logo.

About the event

Discover how Jenni Kayne Home created its competitive advantage with the ultimate point of sale for home and garden retailers. Get actionable tips to scale your business by improving customer experiences and driving repeat sales.

Scale your business

Accelerate retail growth with software that makes it easy to open new stores and flexes as business needs change.

Create lasting loyalty

Build relationships with diverse customer segments with the ability to create tailored loyalty programs.

Deliver premium experiences

Connect in-store and online shopping and deliver on-brand experiences everywhere customers shop.

Meet the panelists

Samantha Mella

Jenni Kayne

Samantha Mella

Director, Home Experience

John Sime


John Sime

Product Marketing Lead

Shopify POS Webinar

How Jenni Kayne Home Builds Lasting Loyalty