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EasyStandard finds perfect fit with SFN and Shop Promise, secures 93% on-time delivery rate and 19% conversion increase

It all started with the simple idea of creating the perfect tank for the everyday woman. EasyStandard sets the standard for long-lasting and comfortable wardrobe essentials that are built to perfectly fit all body types. More than just your average apparel brand, they’re also dedicated to the world around them by working with suppliers and manufacturers committed to fair labor practices.

Since moving to Shopify, the brand has seen:

  • 93% on-time delivery using Shopify Fulfillment Network to strategically distribute inventory closest to customer demand.
  • 19% relative increase in conversion using Shop Promise to communicate transparent delivery times across product and checkout pages.
  • Fewer back-end issues and greater expansion opportunities using Shopify Plus to simplify business operations and introduce product bundling.


Launching and running an ecommerce business has a steep learning curve. For EasyStandard, the biggest challenge was its logistics operations.

Slow shipping speeds, order errors, and billing discrepancies with their prior 3PL were creating negative customer experiences, putting the brand’s business and brand perception at risk.

The team also needed a solution that offered bundling services. Customers were already building their own "unofficial" product bundles without the cost-saving incentive. This presented a clear path for EasyStandard to enhance their customer experience.

Finally, EasyStandard needed a simple, trustworthy solution to display delivery estimates that would build buyer trust and communicate reliable, fast shipping before checkout. EasyStandard previously searched for third-party fast shipping options but they all lacked the reliability the brand was looking for.


EasyStandard needed a long-term strategic partner rather than a temporary fix for its commerce and logistics operations. That meant finding one partner that could relieve all their order fulfillment and delivery experience headaches.

After several months of a test-and-learn approach with third-party apps and an exhaustive effort to work out growing pains with their 3PL, EasyStandard came full-circle to the partner they knew they could trust: Shopify.

The brand added DTC fulfillment with Shopify Fulfillment Network, which gave them default access to Shop Promise and bundling services with Shopify Plus to create a cohesive, integrated solution that allows EasyStandard to focus on growing its business.

Shopify Fulfillment Network enhanced EasyStandard’s customer experience by getting orders from port to porch in under three days and allowed the team to be hands-off with the operational backend of DTC fulfillment.

Default access to Shop Promise through Shopify Fulfillment Network provided EasyStandard with the ability to automatically highlight fast shipping and expected delivery dates to customers before they buy, something the brand had looked into incorporating to their online store but wasn't able to find a suitable solution for until Shop Promise. Communicating fast, reliable delivery and displaying the Shop Promise badge on product detail pages and at checkout ultimately helped increase conversions and generate more positive customer reviews.

An EasyStandard product listing with a Shop Promise badge

An EasyStandard product listing with a Shop Promise badge.

Migrating to Shopify Plus allowed EasyStandard to offer a "build your own bundles" option on their website — a feature frequently requested by customers. As a Plus merchant, they also benefited from additional support and lower payment processing fees.

EasyStandard’s ‘build your own bundle’ feature powered by Shopify Plus.

EasyStandard’s ‘build your own bundle’ feature powered by Shopify Plus.


These big changes revealed big business results for EasyStandard.

Packages were flying out of warehouses and onto customers' doorsteps with ease. Strategically distributing inventory closest to customer demand with Shopify Fulfillment Network simplified the shipping process and enabled EasyStandard to deliver packages on-time 93% of the time.

Shop Promise was also strengthening EasyStandard's customer experience by displaying transparent delivery times across product and checkout pages. More and more visitors were converting to customers and the company was seeing a 19% uptick in website conversions as a direct result.

These crucial components, coupled with the Shopify Plus platform, ultimately yielded fewer back-end issues, simplified EasyStandard's business operations, and created space for new expansion opportunities including product bundling.

Prior to partnering with Shopify, we would spend a lot of time tracking order issues and responding to support tickets. Shopify Fulfillment Network gave us resources many brands of our size don’t have access to. We’re now able to be hands-off with backend operations and quickly fulfill customers’ orders in three days or less. This service, combined with Shop Promise and Shopify Plus, have allowed us to create a positive customer experience and grow our business. There are very few instances where a fulfillment provider can impact your top-line the way Shopify can.


Sabrina Pereira — Head of Growth Marketing


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With Shopify, EasyStandard saw results fast.


On-time delivery using Shopify Fulfillment Network


Increase in conversion using Shop Promise

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