Find your best customers

Get your ads in front of the right buyers with custom audience lists—powered by Shopify’s unique insights from commerce data.

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Simplify customer acquisition

Find relevant buyers
Join a merchant-powered audience network—only on Shopify—and get audience lists that are automatically created for your store.
Drive better ad performance
Target your ads effectively with audience lists that are customized based on your products and buyer intent signals.
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Reach your audiences where they are

Multi-channel integrations
Leverage custom audience lists for your ad campaigns on popular marketing channels like Meta, Google, and Pinterest.
Full-funnel marketing
Connect with buyers across the marketing funnel, whether your campaign goal is to drive brand awareness, consideration, or conversions.

See Shopify Audiences in action


With Shopify Audiences, apparel brand Jonathan Simkhai saw an 84% higher conversion rate and a 54% lower cost per acquisition. And 89% of their new customer acquisition was attributed to Audiences.
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Shopify Audiences helped Bushbalm increase their clickthrough rate by 42%. The beauty brand’s return on ad spend increased by 24% and purchase rate soared by 120%.
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Hiya increased their conversion rate by 158% with Shopify Audiences. The health brand’s cost per acquisition decreased by 35% and return on ad spend skyrocketed by 172%.
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Furniture brand Nathan James acquired over 500 new customers that were attributed to Shopify Audiences. Their conversion ratio increased by 176% and purchase rate more than doubled.
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Measure performance with confidence

Accurate reporting
Measure audience performance with accurate conversion attribution—from the same place you run your business.
Actionable insights
Optimize and scale your ads with reliable performance data that helps you make better decisions.

Accurate and verifiable reporting enabled us to A/B test our campaign creative and select the creative that resonated best with our customers, further driving conversions.

Nicole Manke

Founder and CEO, L’AMARUE


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Included with Shopify Plus

Shopify Audiences is free with Shopify Plus. Get the power of Shopify’s most advanced solution for getting more from your ad spend.

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Illustrations of a reporting user interface and a jagged line progressing upwards.