Shopify Fulfillment Network Features

Fulfillment built into Shopify

Deliver orders faster with easy, affordable fulfillment.

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A shopify merchant sat at a desk, working on a tablet with a notepad open in front of him. To the left there is an overlaid image of two wooden bowls, and a checkout page with the text and “2-day delivery” alongside the The Shop Promise logo.

Earn customer confidence with reliable delivery

Transparent delivery dates

Boost sales by up to 25% with Shop Promise, which automatically displays reliable delivery dates on your storefront and at checkout.

Continuous inventory placement

Offer fast and affordable delivery through our network that continuously moves your products closest to customers.

Freight and inventory inbounding

Ship a single pallet or an entire container of your inventory from overseas to our network of fulfillment centers, using Flexport and our nationwide freight services.

Getting started with Shopify Fulfillment Network

Smooth onboarding process

Get started in minutes by selecting products from your store to bring into our network. We’ll keep orders flowing without interruptions to your business.

Direct inbound receiving

Send packaged and labeled products directly to one location within our network. We’ll inbound your products within 48 hours, then distribute them close to your customers.

Dedicated fulfillment experts

Shopify’s fulfillment experts are here to provide advice and insights on shipping and logistics as your business grows.
Two Shopify merchants look at a laptop in an office space. They’re surrounded by textiles, threads, apparel and note pads. To the upper left is the text “2-day delivery”, and “Delivery Mon, Feb 10”. The Shop Promise logo is also included.

Flexible order fulfillment, wherever you sell

Sell to every buyer, everywhere

Fulfill orders through all sales channels integrated with your Shopify store. That includes Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google Ads, and Pinterest.

Flash sale fulfillment

When you go viral, our fulfillment network will seamlessly handle your sales spikes. We ship 99% of all orders within one business day.

Subscription order fulfillment

Scale your subscription business by shipping orders with different items each month, or sending the same items to repeat customers.

Customize and track your inventory from port to porch

Real-time inventory tracking

Use our high-visibility tracking, dynamic routing technology, and reliable processes for freight, drayage, and transloading.

Undisrupted transportation speeds

Benefit from our diverse domestic, regional, freight and international transportation partnerships that ensure your inventory is prioritized, removing risk, cost and congestion.

Custom packing slips

Make your customers feel like they’re a part of your club with custom packing slips containing your logo, marketing material, and even discount codes.
A customer opening their order which contains a custom packing slip. To the upper right there is a mock-up of the slip with an image of a coffee mug, and the text “THE COFFEE SHOP”, “SHIP TO, BILL TO”, “COFFEE MUG, Quantity:1”.

Quick and smooth returns

Set your own return rules

Set product-level preferences for returned inventory and Shopify will restock or dispose of those items accordingly.

Fast processing

Earn your customers’ trust with smooth and prompt returns by processing refunds quickly from your Shopify store.

Product inspections

Make returns easy with our fulfillment experts. They'll inspect your returned products for potential damage, attaching notes and photos for your records.

Track your returns

Track the status of your returned items from shipment through product inspection.

Repackage sellable items

Minimize the cost of returns on your bottom line. We’ll restock undamaged products as sellable inventory after passing an inspection based on your guidelines.

Flexibility for customers

Improve retention and increase customer satisfaction by offering instant exchanges and credits with our Loop Returns integration.

Human support at every step

Fulfillment experts available

Our team of fulfillment experts will expedite your setup and ensure smooth fulfillment operations.

Always-on support from Shopify

Get help whenever you need it with Shopify’s all-day support team, which operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Weekend fulfillment support

In addition to Shopify’s 24-hour support team, you will also gain access to weekend support from Fulfillment Success Specialists.

Delight your customers faster with Shopify

Grow your business with simple, fast, and affordable fulfillment with a partner you already trust.