Announcing the Shopify App Challenge Honorable Mentions

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions

A couple weeks ago, we announced the winners of the Shopify App Challenge. We had challenged app developers to build apps that address the realities and challenges of this new world, to help merchants right now—and did they ever deliver. 

We were overwhelmed with the quality and creativity of the submissions we received, so we want to share some more great entries, including some of those who were not within the geographies for cash-prize eligibility. These honorable mentions are creative and innovative, and we hope they help inspire you to continue solving problems for merchants as commerce continues to change every day.

With no further ado, here are the honorable mentions of the Shopify App Challenge. As with our winners, these apps are not all live in the Shopify App Store, but we are working with their developers to get them ready for merchant use soon.

One Click Yelp Converter by Robin Lu (Taiwan)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: One Click Yelp

To help food service businesses get online, One Click Yelp Converter helps new merchants turn their Yelp listing into a Shopify website. Menus, customer reviews, pictures, and even store hours and addresses are all included, so restaurants can start selling online.

Easy Digital Products by Axel Hardy (France)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: Easy Digital Products

Selling digital products online can be an important source of revenue for some. With this app, even the most non-technical store owners can easily set up the features they need to sell their digital products.

Appointments by Kelly Vaughn (United States)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: Appointments

Using Appointments, merchants will be able to create custom appointments or services in the backend of their store. The app creates a product for each service offered, meaning merchants can charge for it, or offer it for free. This allows customers to schedule appointments from the storefront, or merchants to schedule an appointment on behalf of their customer.

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Product ML by Mircea Piturca (Romania)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: Product ML

The Product ML app uses machine learning to pull product features on fashion items from the product description and image. That means merchants don’t have to spend their time entering all the features into a product description; this app will do that for them.

MagicMenu by Yaron Jaffe (Israel)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: MagicMenu

MagicMenu is an app for restaurants, cafes, and other food service businesses to help them get online. Merchants simply upload a photo of their menu, and the app converts it into a Shopify store using machine learning to create collections and products. This lowers the barrier of entry for new merchants and helps them get up and running, fast.

MagicLink by Mohd Umair (India)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: MagicLink

MagicLink is an app that allows merchants to generate SMS subscribers via Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and Snapchat. This app provides a way for merchants to generate a unique link that viewers can follow to subscribe to SMS updates from the merchant.

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PushLast by Andrea Morone (Italy)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: PuchLast

PushLast automatically pushes out-of-stock products to the last pages of a merchant’s store, so buyers aren’t left sorting through out-of-stock items to find something they want. This means merchants don’t need to re-sort their products manually, saving them valuable time.

Sellar Listing Tool by Miles Au (Canada)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: Sellar Listing Tool

To help clothing retailers get their products online faster, the Sellar Listing Tool app uses augmented reality to measure clothing items and enter an item’s details, like color, category, measurements, and more. 

Photo Finish by Mark Perini (United States)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: Photo Finish

Photo Finish helps merchants upload products faster by automating the process of adding photos to Shopify. The app allows merchants to match thousands of photos to their corresponding products and upload them to Shopify in minutes, using Shopify’s product import tool in conjunction with Dropbox.

Transl8-cli by Jonathan St-Jean (Canada)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: Transl8-cli

This app helps merchants localize their site. Using the theme editor, they can manage languages, speed up the process of translation, and get their store online faster in multiple languages. Merchants can choose to translate by hand, or use machine translation.

Frills by Siddharth Ramesh (India)

Shopify app challenge honorable mentions: Frills

Frills helps merchants create a steady stream of engaging content, and optimize that content to drive new sales. The app aggregates content from customers, formats that content to be highly shareable, and optimizes campaigns for promotion of that content.

More opportunities ahead

With the pace of change facing the world now, there are infinite ways to help merchants pivot their businesses. App developers are uniquely positioned to build solutions that help small business owners stay resilient. We hope the winners of the Shopify App Challenge and these awesome honorable mentions help inspire you!

What apps have you seen that help merchants now? Share your thoughts below!

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