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Larroude seamlessly adds luxury shopping destination with Shopify Collective

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Larroude is a contemporary fashion brand that blends timeless elegance with modern sophistication. With a focus on high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, Larroude offers a curated collection of footwear and accessories.

As Larroude celebrated three years since being founded, the team wanted to diversify the range of products they offered online and reach new customers. Using Shopify Collective, they thoughtfully created a new shopping destination on their website that spanned multiple luxury product categories and price points, all of which were sourced from new partner suppliers. This gave shoppers the opportunity to purchase a complete look without leaving the Larroude website.

Since launching their new shopping destination with Shopify Collective, Larroude has seen:

  • 21% revenue increase one month after launching Collective
  • 82% of Collective sales attributed to first time customers
  • 5% increase in average order value (AOV)
  • Six new product categories launched in under one month

The Challenge

To celebrate Larroude’s third anniversary in providing exceptional quality footwear to customers globally, Laurroude’s Founder and CCO Marina Larroude set out to build a unique experience to bring this to life in a new way.

With deep existing industry relationships, an eye for identifying cutting-edge brands, and the desire to shed light onto emerging designers, Larroude formulated the idea for a unique new shopping destination called “Colléct,” which lives as a shopping experience on their website. Colléct was designed to be a destination for luxury products from second to none brands that complemented Larroude’s shoes, while providing customers a new way to shop. To make this vision a reality, the Larroude team looked into two third-party solutions that could support their needs, both of which proved to be expensive and overly complicated for both Larroude and their potential suppliers.

Fortunately, Larroude soon learned about Shopify Collective, which makes it easy for Shopify stores to connect and sell each other’s products. Since most of the brands they planned to work with had small operating teams, Larroude knew it was important to make connecting as easy as possible; the simplicity of Collective was just what they were looking for. The team quickly realized Shopify Collective was the best option for powering their Colléct experience, and they set forth implementing the solution. Specifically, Bianca Inocencio, a Business Solutions Specialist at Larroudé, managed the marketplace implementation and the onboarding of over 17 brands, paving the way for the successful launch of Colléct.

Upon discovering Shopify Collective, we quickly realized that it provided the comprehensive feature set required to onboard our brand partnerships in just under one month.

  • Bianca Inocencio — Business Solutions Specialist at Larroude

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The Solution

Larroude was all in on building their Colléct experience through Shopify Collective. Within just one week, they designed their strategy around what the destination would entail and what purpose it would serve for both new and existing customers.

Marina made it a focus to partner with emerging designers who were also looking to increase their brand awareness. She built partnerships with more established brands as well, like Retrouvai, a namesake in the luxury jewelry space, and Furbish, a chic home accessories brand. With these new supplier partners, Marina used her creative eye to bring six new product categories to the Larroude website via Shopping Collective, including apparel, accessories, home decor, and luxury jewelry, with retail prices ranging from under $100 to $5,000. The products from these hand-selected brands were complementary to Larroude’s footwear assortment and provided customers the opportunity to purchase a full head to toe look all in one place.

Launching their Colléct shopping destination with Shopify Collective took less than one month from the time Larroude started reaching out to potential suppliers partners. The team handpicked items from the individual brands that they wanted to feature, ensuring the experience and styles featured told a story. From there, the respective brands created a price list with the selected items and shared it with Larroude. Once the price list was made available to Larroude, Collective automatically synced all of the product data such as descriptions, variants, and inventory that lived in the Supplier’s Admin to Larroude’s admin. Larroude then added relevant tags and metafields, while also assigning new products to the proper collection, all of which followed the same process they were already accustomed to in managing their own products.

To make the onboarding experience as simple as possible for suppliers, the team walked each brand through the couple of steps necessary to share the handpicked SKUs with Larroude. To ensure the most visually appealing experience for customers, Larroude went the extra mile to shoot each of these items themselves.

Overall, Larroude’s process implementing Shopify Collective from start to finish—including the onboarding of their partners—was much simpler than the team expected. It paved the way for several new sitewide features, marketing campaigns via email and social, and ultimately proved to lay a strong foundation for finding new partners to add to Colléct over time.

Shopify Collective emerged as our top choice, driven by its simplicity, intuitiveness, and the unwavering trust and support we had in Shopify.

  • Bianca Inocencio — Business Solutions Specialist at Larroude

The Results

Since adopting Shopify Collective, Larroude has enjoyed quantifiable results that have exceeded their expectations. The brand’s main goal of bringing diversity to their inventory through brand collaborations in the luxury sector has been successfully achieved.

With six new categories featured on their site, including luxury jewelry, customers can now create a full head to toe look without leaving the website. As a result, Larroude saw a 5% increase in AOV, specifically around orders that included a pair of shoes from Larroude and a pair of socks from supplier, Petite Plume. Additionally, several high ticket items such as heirlooms and dresses from Retrouvai and La Vie Style House were sold upon the launch of Colléct.

Not only did Colléct drive higher AOV, but it increased website and social media traffic as well, as the team used the launch as an opportunity to promote their store to new audiences. The story was featured in “Women’s Wear Daily,” a fashion industry trade journal that reaches thousands of consumers daily.

82% of Collective sales are attributed to first time customers, demonstrating the remarkable impact of collaborations to engage with a new audience.

  • Bianca Inocencio — Business Solutions Specialist at Larroude

Shopify Collective has proven to be a game-changer for Larroude, enabling them to enhance their product portfolio, foster collaborations, and bring product diversity to their online store. With the support and trust they have in Shopify, they were able to seamlessly integrate and launch Colléct with their partners in under a month.

The results speak for themselves, with increased AOV, successful cross-selling, and heightened exposure for all of their partners, Larroude surpassed even their own expectations.

Looking ahead, the brand continues to expand their offerings in Colléct by adding new categories from leading brands to further drive growth and customer engagement with a wider range of products. The collaboration between Shopify Collective and Larroude has proven to be a winning combination, empowering growth and driving success in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce.

With Shopify Collective, Larroude saw results fast:

  • 21% revenue increase one month after launching Collective
  • 82% of Collective sales attributed to first time customers
  • 5% increase in AOV
  • Six new product categories launched in under one month

Through a seamless expansion into other luxury brands, Collective drove an impressive 21% month-over-month revenue increase, showcasing the power of brand collaborations and the ability to tap into new categories.

  • Larroude
  • Bianca Inocencio — Business Solutions Specialist at Larroude

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