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LVLY boosts average order value with upselling and increased bundle SKUs after replatforming

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Growth and scale, Replatforming, Speed to launch

In 2015, Hannah Spilva and Verity Tuck launched LVLY, a brand focused on connecting loved ones with the act of gift-giving with a unique and affordable range of flowers and gifts. LVLY’s success—driven by its cheeky tone of voice and same-day delivery options— has pushed it to expand beyond Australia, with operations in Malaysia and Singapore. 


LVLY had a WordPress website, built using WooCommerce, and was a “house of cards.” Overloaded with customizations, the website became fragile, and making minute changes or running basic functions was a challenge. Consequently, LVLY had to outsource tasks to tech specialists, which was a resource drain. 

The website itself had limited capabilities: LVLY could only display 30 bundle SKUs and create a maximum of six landing pages. LVLY’s SEO ranking, too, was compromised as it could not optimize these landing pages. With its former platform, the company couldn’t offer key conversion differentiators like product personalization and email subscriptions. Such restrictions were a deeply felt pain point during busy sales periods, like on Valentine’s Day in 2022: LVLY reduced the number of products on its website to only nine because the process of merchandizing was extremely time-consuming, and also since it was unable to display product availability by state location.

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In 2022, Limitless Technology acquired LVLY. Because Limitless had been using Shopify Plus since 2017 for its other businesses, the company onboarded LVLY to the platform. The migration process took less than 90 days with zero drops in conversion.

Soon after the migration, LVLY made a series of significant operational improvements, such as integrating apps to simplify backend processes and eliminate external tech teams, all while improving overall customer experience. A key app that helped LVLY was Bestsellers reSort. The app drastically reduced the time it took to launch products on the website from an hour to five minutes per product.

Shopify Plus’ scalability powered LVLY to have its biggest ever Valentine’s Day sale in 2023. This was a direct result of the company being able to offer a full range of over 150+ bundles, with product availability visible for each Australian state. Personalization and add-on options, something LVLY couldn’t do on its prior platform, also played a critical role to enable upselling during the special occasion.


Migrating to Shopify Plus helped LVLY build a resilient and contemporary online channel. The brand has been able to save around $50,000 Australian Dollars that would have been spent on external teams to aid a flailing website. LVLY’s teams are easily able to handle changes internally, without reliance on coding knowledge or on external development partners. 

In an effort to increase repeat purchases, LVLY implemented a subscription model, add-on optionality, and gift vouchers. As a result of enhancing the customer experience, LVLY has seen a 6% year-on-year increase in average order value.

Since moving to Shopify Plus, LVLY has seen: 

  • 6% year-over-year increase in average order value
  • 66% increase in bundle SKUs
  • AU$50,000 saved due to the elimination of external tech teams

Ninety-nine percent of LVLY’s sales come from our online channel so it has always been critical to have a powerful interface. It’s been a great relief to move from feeling like we were stuck in a hole to being excited about the endless possibilities of doing more with Shopify Plus.

  • LVLY
  • Hannah Black — Chief Growth Officer

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