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All the power you need to scale, exclusive tools, and the lowest transaction fees of any Shopify plan. Only when you upgrade to Shopify Plus.

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Shopify Plus pricing

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Case studies

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Checkout extensibility

Convert more with an extensible checkout

Personalizing your checkout experience—including Shop Pay and all information, shipping, and payment pages—is possible with checkout extensibility. Customize Shopify Checkout with our drag-and-drop checkout editor and other apps, or build a one-of-a-kind experience by developing your own apps.

Learn 5 ways to customize Shopify Checkout 

Shopify Functions

Stand out with unique commerce experiences

Shopify Functions gives you the freedom to design and deploy flexible personalizations in your own app. By extending or replacing key parts of Shopify’s back-end logic, you can build commerce experiences as unique as your brand.

Learn how to extend and customize with Shopify Functions 
  • Advanced discounts that match third-party systems
  • Personalized, automated promotions at checkout
  • Unique checkout validation rules
  • Custom order routing logic
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B2B on Shopify

Sell B2B and DTC from one place

Everything you need for wholesale selling is now right in the Shopify admin. Tailor the end-to-end experience for each buyer with customized product and pricing publishing, quantity rules, and payment terms. And spend less time managing multiple platforms through integrations, APIs, and automated order processing.

Explore B2B on Shopify 

Shopify Audiences

Find more relevant buyers for less

With Shopify Audiences, get your ads in front of the right buyers with custom audience lists, powered by Shopify’s commerce insights.

Explore Shopify Audiences 
  • Reach shoppers who are more likely to buy, at a lower advertising cost
  • Simplify your workflow with automated custom audiences
  • Leverage your audiences across the marketing funnel on channels like Meta, Google, and Pinterest
  • Manage your audiences and track performance directly in your admin

Started with Shopify,
scaled with Shopify Plus

Shopify Audiences has been key to getting our campaign performance back. We’ve seen targeting and performance improve, with return on ad spend as high as 6x. It’s now a key part of our advertising strategy.

  • BlenderBottle
  • Chase Waters — Director of Digital Marketing, Trove Brands
  • Read the story 

People look at our brand and think there’s a huge building… with cubicles and 50 people running around. Shopify Plus has shown me you can do a lot with a little.

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Our B2B process was manual and time consuming. In order to scale, we needed an easier way to cater to these B2B customers. That’s where B2B on Shopify comes in.

When we switched over to Shopify Plus, I wasn’t used to having a [team of] representatives on our account. [They would] recommend things I wasn’t even aware of.

Query for orders in the top 5 regions in the last 6 months

Shopifyql notebooks

Write the data story of your business

ShopifyQL Notebooks is the new way to access your commerce data. Make better business decisions by exploring and analyzing your data, visualizing your growth, and creating custom reports—all powered by our intelligent query language that understands commerce.

Explore ShopifyQL Notebooks 


Break sales records, not your site

The biggest flash sellers in the world choose Shopify Plus for their peak selling days. Make the most of your product drops and flash sales with higher checkouts per minute, built-in bot protection, and automated event scheduling.

Explore campaigns and flash sales 
  • Schedule automated promotions, product releases, and theme updates with Launchpad, Shopify’s flash selling tool
  • Put more people at the front of the checkout queue with Shopify Pus Bot Protection
  • Scale your tech stack with up to 500% higher API call limits
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Organization settings

Centralize your entire organization in Shopify

  • Manage multiple stores from one location through organization settings in the store admin
  • Add unlimited staff accounts with specialized permissions in seconds
  • Sell in 9 free expansion stores with localized languages, content, or currency

Shopify Plus pricing

Invest in your growth with competitive rates

Exclusive features, advanced conversion tools, and the lowest transaction fees* on Shopify—it’s all part of your plan.

Upgrade now

*Transaction fees and credit card rates vary by region.

1-year term

3-year term

Starting at $2,500



or a variable platform fee for more complex business structures

shopify payments

Unlock even more value with Shopify Payments

More than a payment gateway, Shopify Payments is a conversion tool that unlocks financial solutions, omnichannel selling, and more.

Top converting checkout

Access 150M+ buyers on Shop and get Shop Pay, the fastest checkout on the web.

Fast, flexible funding

From startup to scale-up, fuel your growth with flexible funding through Shopify Capital.

Cross-border expansion

Grow globally with Shopify Markets Pro. Sell products in multiple currencies and offer checkout with local payment methods.

Chargeback protection

Get free chargeback protection for all eligible Shop Pay orders with Shopify Protect.

Buy now, pay later

Get paid upfront while offering flexible payment solutions through Shop Pay Installments or third-party payment apps.

Shopify POS Pro

Sell everywhere people shop with the best omnichannel point-of-sale system out of the box.

Specialized in growth

Customize even more with exclusive partners and services

Shopify Partners and apps

Innovate, migrate, and grow faster with a rich partner ecosystem of industry experts, and an engaged community of actively maintained third-party apps.

Premier systems integrators

Connect with industry-best system integrators like IBM, Accenture, EY, Cognizant, Deloitte, KPMG, and WPP to help you build, deploy, or migrate.

Professional services

Get hands-on design and development services to accelerate the most complex builds, including data migration and launch support.

Community resources

Get ongoing 24/7 priority support, with self-directed online resources like Shopify Plus Academy and Shopify Community forums.

Results that speak for themselves

Read the case studies behind some of the most innovative and successful brands that upgraded to Shopify Plus.

Boie doubled conversions and sales year over year.

Ooni grew sales by 400% with a surge in conversion rate.

Laird Superfood saw 550% quarter-over-quarter sales growth.


Popular questions about upgrading

Shopify Plus starts at $2,300 per month on a 3-year term, or $2,500 for a 1-year term, billed monthly.

More complex, higher volume businesses switch to a variable platform fee based on their revenue and business model. Get in touch with sales for more details.

If you don’t use Shopify Payments as your payment processor, a minimal transaction fee will be applied to each transaction to cover the charge for Shopify to maintain integrations with external payment providers.

No, you cannot run multiple brands in expansion stores. You will need a separate Shopify Plus contract for each brand. In other words, the same logo will be used across all expansion stores.

Expansion stores are specifically localized clone stores of the same brand for the purpose of selling in different languages or currencies, or to wholesale customers. Read the Shopify Plus Terms for more details on expansion stores.

If you need an expansion store, contact the Shopify Plus Support team after upgrading.

You’ll get access to a team of merchant success managers as part of our merchant success program. This team is trained to guide you through a strategic framework designed to help you grow and scale your business at a pace that works for your brand. Specifically, you’ll get access to the following:

  • Roadmap to success: Learn best practices and get actionable guidance in key business areas to create your own plan for growth.

  • Industry knowledge: Get exclusive access to valuable insights gathered through years of experience and hands-on work with thousands of brands across every industry.

  • Shopify Plus Community: Tap into a network of high-growth Shopify Plus brands to share tips, tricks, and resources to make the most out of the platform.

  • Shopify Plus Academy: Engage in interactive, on-demand courses that target your commerce expertise and support your growth.

  • Shopify Plus Priority Support: Get the top-tier support you need, fast. The Shopify Plus Priority Support team specializes in high-volume businesses and can answer your questions by phone, chat, or email.

If you identify as either of these business types, contact a Shopify Plus sales representative. Regulated industries include COVID-19 test kits.

Brands typically upgrade to Shopify Plus when their online sales reach about $80,000 per month, but individual needs may vary. Contact a Shopify Plus sales representative if you’re unsure whether it’s the right time to upgrade.

After you sign up, we'll upgrade your store to the Shopify Plus plan within 24 business hours. We’ll email you to let you know your upgrade is complete. You’ll also receive an introduction email with a link to join Jumpstart, our merchant onboarding program, along with contact details for the Shopify Plus Priority Support team.

And here’s some recommended reading to get you going: 9 Things to Do the Moment You Upgrade to Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus’ admin and exclusive tools are easy to use out of the box, which your staff should be able to manage without developer support. You can also customize your checkout with apps, or create your own custom app, which would require working with a developer.

If you don’t have an in-house development team, there’s an entire ecosystem of Shopify Plus Partners you can lean on to develop apps for your customizations.

We offer tailored rates by region to account for differences in processing costs and network fees set by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, which vary by country.

Your first bill comes 30 days after you agree to the Shopify Plus Terms. You will be charged using your current method of payment.

After your upgrade is processed, contact support through your admin and they will apply a credit toward your Shopify Plus plan fees.

The signing authority for your organization must be the person who upgrades your Shopify plan. This is the person whose name is on the credit card we have on file for your account.

Full legal names usually end with a word or abbreviation* that identifies how your company was incorporated or registered** in your state, province, or country.

To find your legal business name, check formal documentation related to your business, or consult your accountant or legal counsel.

*Examples include Inc., LLC, Ltd., Co., Corp., LP, LLP, GmbH, S.A., S.A. de C.V., B.V., N.V., SASU, LBN, A.G, S.A.S or SAS, S.p.A, S.p.o, SARL or S.A.R.L., ApS, AB, s.r.o, sp. z o.o, d.o.o., Ltda., S.R.L., A/S or AS, and Oy.

**If you’re registered as Sole Proprietor, your business name may appear as “Jon Snow, a Sole Proprietor” or “Jon Snow, a Sole Proprietor dba The Crows.”

Unlock the power you need to scale. It’s time to upgrade.