Shopify and Nest Offer Retailers Better Security and Connectivity With New Hardware

Shopify and Nest Cam | Shopify Retail blog

Finding the right tools to power your store can be an intimidating prospect.

But thanks to Shopify’s latest partnership with Google and Nest, merchants in the U.S. and Canada can get a range of new high-tech tools to make selling in person easier than ever.

Prevent Theft and Monitor Your Store With the Nest Cam

Shoplifting and theft make up the bulk of a $45 billion annual problem for retailers. And while retailers employ a wealth of loss prevention strategies to curb theft, typical losses still hover around 2% of annual sales.

That’s where a high-tech solution can help. Security cameras are a proven loss prevention method — which is why Shopify partnered with Google’s Nest to offer retailers one of the best cloud-based Wifi camera systems available. Merchants can now get access to a live look at what’s going on in their store right from their Shopify dashboard.

Google’s Nest Cam offers the security of live-stream footage paired with a simple design. Many security systems are bulky, expensive, and require a professional to install and maintain. But the Nest Cam system is both affordable and easy enough to set up yourself — saving you precious time and hard-earned profits.

In addition to keeping your store more secure, you can use Shopify’s Store Cam integration to check on your store from anywhere. Using the Shopify app, you can remotely monitor in-store activity, making it easy to regularly check in. Merchants can buy Google’s Nest Cam hardware directly from Shopify to get set up quickly and easily.

Get your store a Nest Cam starting at just $199USD/$249 CAD.

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Upgrade Your In-Store Network With Google Wifi

Shopify retail merchants can now also access Google Wifi hardware to power their stores with reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity.

Google Wifi routers are easy to set up and manage. Just unbox, plug it in, and you’ll quickly have Wifi coverage. Combining multiple Google Wifi routers will give you flexibility and range to cover any space with a fast, secure connection. So, whether you want reliable Wifi to power your security cameras or high-speed Internet for your customers, the Google Wifi router is a powerful and affordable way to upgrade your store’s Internet.

Get Google Wifi today for $129USD/$179 CAD.

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New Hardware to Make In-Person Sales Simple

Running your own retail business can be challenging, but choosing the right tools can help you save time and money. And the Shopify and Google partnership empowers retail entrepreneurs with high-tech hardware that works together to simplify in-person sales.

Visit the Shopify hardware store to get your Nest Cam and Google Wifi router today.

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