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A young man surrounded by Feel Your Soul delivery boxes catches and holds a single delivery box.
A young man surrounded by Feel Your Soul delivery boxes catches and holds a single delivery box.

Cash in on your content

  • A closeup of a person wearing a pair of sneaker-styled roller skates.

    Feel Your Soul

    Sell merch or create your own products.

  • A woman wearing a blue tank top with a headwrap and matching facemask, looking into the distance.

    Cee Cee’s Closet NYC

    Express yourself in new ways and build community.

  • A man covered in painted messages, wearing a peach t-shirt, standing in front of a colorful background.

    Hopeful Traders

    Make something that has impact.

Get the tools to compete with big brands

Set up is simple with Shopify. You don’t need to be a designer or developer to shine online.

TikToks make perfect selling spots

Create shoppable TikTok ads right from your Shopify dashboard.

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  • A woman wearing a safari hat, nodding happily and putting a piece of candy in her mouth.

    Candy Funhouse

    TikTok handle: @Candyfunhouse

    Candy Funhouse used Shopify to build the world’s largest online candy shop. They turned their confectionery content into a booming business with more than 3,000 products by actively listening to their audience of 1m+ TikTok followers. Sales on their Shopify store have been so strong that they are developing an original Candy Funhouse brand line.

  • A woman turning around to reveal a beautiful dress.

    Cee Cee’s Closet NYC

    TikTok handle: @Ceeceesclosetnyc

    Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo have used Shopify “to build something in three years that a lot of brands haven’t gotten to do in 10 years.” The sisters founded Cee Cee’s Closet as an expression of African culture and have sold more than 30,000 headwraps. Their launches now sell out in a matter of hours, thanks to their highly coveted pieces, Shopify’s intuitive platform, and a loyal, growing TikTok following.

  • An astonished man lifting a huge pile of printed shipping stickers.

    Feel Your Soul

    TikTok handle: @FEELYOURSOUL

    Jacob Zander believes that building with Shopify was "hands down the best choice" he made starting out. The fearless 22-year-old used Shopify to streamline the packaging process and make the online shopping experience the best possible for customers. By sharing his story with millions on TikTok, Zander’s Feel Your Soul has blown up and inspired many to start chasing their dream.

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