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Drive up to 2x more retargeting conversions

Find more customers and increase your orders. Audiences uses commerce insights only available on Shopify to help you maximize your ad performance on top platforms.*

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*Ad campaigns using the latest version of Shopify Audiences Retargeting Boost lists have demonstrated as much as 2 times more orders for every marketing dollar spent on retargeting compared to the next-best available tactic. Results may vary.

  • Meta
  • Google
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Criteo

Tap into the power of Shopify

Leverage the scale and volume of commerce that happens on Shopify to improve your ad performance.

Gain an advertising edge

Unlock features powered by buyer behavior insights only on Shopify.

Find more customers

Target audiences with custom lists built from millions of commerce insights.

Compare your performance

Access benchmark data of similar stores or industry groupings to refine your ad strategy.


Win with precise ad targeting

Get your ads in front of the most interested buyers across the largest-reach channels with custom audience lists generated by powerful Shopify algorithms.

Increase your retargeting conversions by up to 2x

Get more orders out of every dollar you spend on retargeting when you use custom Retargeting Boost lists.

Cut customer acquisition costs by up to 50%

Maximize ad performance with Audiences v2.3, powered by algorithms that constantly improve.

Target buyers across your marketing funnel

Advertise to customers at every stage of their purchasing journey, including prospecting and retargeting.

Connect your store to key marketing channels

Launch and grow your advertising campaigns on Meta, Google, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Criteo.

Get more out of your ad spend

Set an amount for your ad spend and discover the impact that Shopify Audiences can have on your store.

Customers acquired from paid ads

Using Shopify Audiences

Up to240,000

Using your current targeting



Ad campaigns using the latest version of Shopify Audiences for targeting have demonstrated as much as 50% lower customer acquisition costs, compared to campaigns relying solely on ad platform targeting. Results may vary.

In 1 year


Perfect your ad strategy

Compare your Meta ad performance to similar stores or industry groupings, and explore your ad trends. With benchmark data only available on Shopify, you can pinpoint where to make improvements.

Access the most relevant insights

Understand how your ad performance stacks up to stores with similar order values and products, and to those in your industry.

Optimize your advertising wins

Adjust your ad campaigns with at-a-glance indicators that highlight what’s working well, so you can increase returns at lower costs.

Explore your ad trends

Adjust your strategy by analyzing your ad trends using historical data. Separate your seasonal results from your campaign results.

Featured Merchants

Mac Duggal more than doubled its retargeting audience size


larger retargeting audience size


lower cost per purchase with retargeting ad set


Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

Woman in a green silk dress walking in a garden

Shopify Audiences helped us grow and future proof our campaigns.

Mac Duggal

Emily Greenfield — Ecommerce Director



Maximize your ad performance

Drive up to 2 times more orders for every retargeting dollar spent with custom Retargeting Boost lists.

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Optimize your ad performance with key insights from similar stores or industry groupings, as well as seasonal trends.


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Find more customers

Shopify Audiences can scale your advertising and reduce your acquisition costs. This custom advertising solution is powered by millions of commerce insights only available on Shopify.

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