New Feature: User Permissions

New Feature: User Permissions

Great news! You can now customize what admin sections staff members have access to. Simply navigate to your Account area, and click on a user's name. There you will be presented with the option to give that user full access, or to customize what permissions he has. Please note that only account owners can make those changes.

New Feature: User Permissions

A user with limited access is able to see what permissions he has, and what permissions other users have.

Furthermore, links that are restricted are greyed out of their navigation bar. Clicking on one of these links brings the user to a page similar to the following:




  • Caroline Schnapp
    Caroline Schnapp
    October 10 2011, 01:50PM


  • Shopaholla
    October 10 2011, 01:57PM

    Nice work! Our clients will enjoy this functionality I’m sure.

  • Yevshan
    October 10 2011, 03:25PM

    Thank you. Now we could grant permissions to our employees worldwide! And have a secure site for the owners with private information.

  • Carson
    October 10 2011, 04:21PM


  • Justin Winter
    Justin Winter
    October 10 2011, 05:19PM

    Was just about to email this suggestion your way! Perfect timing!

  • Alex ElChehimi
    Alex ElChehimi
    October 10 2011, 06:37PM


  • Alex ElChehimi
    Alex ElChehimi
    October 10 2011, 06:37PM


  • Leo
    October 10 2011, 07:36PM


  • shopfrogs
    October 11 2011, 07:11PM

    my mom and dad are retired. We all live in Barcelona. They are 60+ years old. They want to see our orders every day. So I gave them access to the Shopify admin. But glups! one day they didn’t realize they clicked on a “mark paid” for a bank deposit order.
    unfortunately the order was shipped with dropshipping so we lost that order… :-(
    thanks guys!

  • Nizar Kalfa
    Nizar Kalfa
    October 13 2011, 12:50PM

    Awesome news

  • Juan Artau
    Juan Artau
    October 21 2011, 11:39AM

    I was waiting for this! EXCELLENT!

  • Daniel Beckerman
    Daniel Beckerman
    October 25 2011, 12:30PM

    Fantastic. Finally! Unfortunately for some reasons search is disable for restricted users, quite fundamental if is a person delegate to take care of store.

    Thank you

  • Greg Burman
    Greg Burman
    December 13 2011, 09:01PM

    Cool. The only thing I don’t like is

    “A user with limited access is able to see what permissions he has, and what permissions other users have.”

    Why? Just headaches for me as a manager. Bad design from a security view as well.

  • Christopher
    July 15 2012, 04:17PM

    I’d love to use this feature to give my community a place to write their own blog along with us, but because the access for this portion is tied to Pages, it gives the community the capability to edit pages.

    Any way this can be segmented?


  • Marc
    August 06 2012, 06:37PM

    Glad to see this functionality. I am hiring someone to input shipping rates for us. It would be awesome to just give them access to Shipping and not all of Preferences.

  • Josh Lippiner
    Josh Lippiner
    March 01 2013, 11:26AM

    This is nice, however, you need to update the documentation to reflect that a limited access use can ONLY use Shopify Classic, and not Shopify 2. We developed a set of training material for Shopify 2 based on accounts only to find out that employees cannot use it as they have limited access.

  • abc
    July 22 2016, 02:48PM


  • a
    July 22 2016, 02:50PM

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  • a
    August 16 2016, 12:02PM

    <!DOCTYPE html>

    First name:

    Last name:

    Note that the form itself is not visible.

    Also note that the default width of a text input field is 20 characters.

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