How to Increase Sales with the Wanelo Shopify App


Last year, Wanelo announced its integration with Shopify, enabling a powerful new sales channel for our merchants. Since then, thousands of independent US stores have installed the Wanelo Shopify App, accessing millions of new would-be fans. Stores previously using Wanelo saw sales increase by up to 3-6x after installing the App and selling directly.

Wanelo is a social marketplace uniquely dedicated to shopping. It’s a place to covet, collect, and ultimately buy anything from tartan leggings to coconut body butter to “Don’t kill my vibe” tees (I admit that I’m currently hovering over the Buy button of this switchblade pin). Wanelo features over 30 million products from over 550,000 stores perused by millions of active shoppers. Direct selling on Wanelo is currently only available to select large merchants, unless you’re a US Shopify merchant. Lucky you!

The partnership offers merchants access to Wanelo’s massive audience while also providing the unique ability to have a custom ecommerce experience (powered quietly by Shopify). Win-win! By simply installing the Wanelo Shopify App, your entire product catalog is automatically imported, enabling direct selling on the website, and via the iOS and Android Apps. Even better news? All sales are seamlessly managed from your Shopify dashboard.

Amazing Lace on Wanelo

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We caught up with three Shopify merchants who’ve had huge success selling on Wanelo. Learn from them as they share their experiences with nurturing communities and their advice on getting the most from Wanelo and your Shopify store.

Meet our merchants:

Chrissy Chandler is CEO of Amazing Lace, an online shop selling contemporary apparel to their trendy, creative customers. On Wanelo, they have 351K followers – their largest following on any platform.

Laci Bonner is the Owner of The Rage, a women’s boutique located in Arizona and shipping affordable fashion globally. They’ve amassed 312K followers, also surpassing their following anywhere else.

Brian Fujita is the Global Brand Director at ZeroUV, a source for accessible eyewear for the fast fashion enthusiast. On Wanelo, they’ve grown to a community of 75K addicted shoppers.

Amazing Lace

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Describe your experience with selling on Wanelo after installing the Shopify App.

Chrissy: I started to see Wanelo popping up in our traffic reports and became curious. I started using the app and I quickly became obsessed with the daily trending tab. Immediately, I saw how much power the Wanelo platform had with fashion trends and forecasting. It was a direct path and insight into our customers’ wish lists. I saw it as a peek into the closets of our market. The best part was that it was real time. What might take weeks or months of marketing on other social outlets, Wanelo was doing in 48 hours. This was critical for our business, allowing us to take advantage of seasonal trends.


How do you use Wanelo to connect with your customers?

Laci: We are constantly posting stories to reach out to our fans. Many of our followers are also my personal followers, so we sometimes highlight “Laci’s Favorites” to create hype around certain products or trends. Fans look up to others for style and inspiration – so if you’re lucky to have a large personal following, use it to your advantage!


In what other ways have you used social and community to grow your business?

Chrissy: Community is everything today. We have to maintain strong organic growth, and social media supports this goal. Wanelo, Pinterest and Instagram are our focus currently. 


Since installing the Shopify App, Wanelo has been one of your top sales generators. What led to your success?

Brian: Wanelo has allowed our products to be viewed by thousands of additional potential customers. For example, our sales increased roughly between 15%-30% each quarter after implementing the Wanelo sales channel. We used to receive sales daily direct from the Wanelo website, but once Wanelo integrated with our Shopify store, the sales just picked up immediately.

Laci: I believe our success is due to the growing presence of Wanelo’s fans alone. Because of their popularity and our placement/ranking in the Stores Category for women, many people follow us based on our credibility alone. When you see that someone has a lot of fans, you want to know why that is. The credibility that we have built through Wanelo has been one that’s been hard for us to recreate elsewhere. Our numbers literally jumped by 50% the first year we had a presence on Wanelo. The second year it increased by 30% and has remained consistent.

Shop The Rage

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Describe a specific tactic that helped grow your sales on Wanelo.

Laci: We are huge fans of text club and email marketing. We also have an app in the iTunes store for iOS users. In our blasts, we add links to all of our social media accounts, including Wanelo, because of our large presence. Anywhere that we can promote places to find us, we do.


What tips do you have for other merchants looking to sell on Wanelo or other social marketplaces?

Chrissy: Focus on the visual – our team has specific edits of our product images for the Wanelo community. Use tools such as stories and @ mentions to reach and engage your customer. The product reviews feature of Wanelo is also built-in accountability for our staff. 

Brian: If you are a new merchant deciding to try Wanelo, we recommend creating a very user-friendly image catalog, and complete brand transparency. Make sure you provide complete and relevant information about yourself and your products. 


What is your best advice for new store owners or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Chrissy: You have to purchase a custom template through the Shopify Theme Store that truly fits your image. Focus on providing great content. To generate traffic, learn to use tags. Finally, have a solid email plan.

Laci: Take the time to learn and utilize any and all Shopify Apps that are relevant to your marketing or management needs. The Shopify App Store has many apps that have been a huge help in our day to day efficiency. We like Order Printer which allowing us to print orders in bulk with a clean invoice. The Back in Stock app has led to another huge increase in our sales and conversions. Being able to see what customers want helps you know what to reorder and how many units. 

Brian: Choose a niche that excites you, something you believe in. This is the foundation of what your brand or company will represent. So many new entrepreneurs get absorbed in what their competitors are doing, or what they are successful at. Remember, no matter how exciting another brand is, they have their own issues as well. Be true to your vision – your fans will appreciate it!

What is your best advice for new store owners or aspiring entrepreneurs?

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Inspired by the successes of ZeroUV, Amazing Lace, and The Rage? Head over to our App Store to install the Wanelo Shopify App and start selling. We’ve also partnered with our friends at Wanelo to sweeten the deal! We’re giving away two grand prizes: one prominent feature for your shop on Wanelo during the holiday shopping season, plus $150 in shopping credit in their marketplace. Enter our giveaway below for a chance to win.

For more inspiration, follow along all weekend as we give Wanelo the keys to our Instagram account and Pinterest Boards. They’re taking over and sharing some of their favorite products from Shopify merchants!


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