How to Be a Boss: 10 Tips from Shrill

Photo collage of the cast of Shrill. From left to right Ruthie (Patti Harrison), Ryan (Luka Jones), Annie Easton (Aidy Bryant), Amadi (Ian Owens), and Fran (Lolly Adefope).
So you wanna be a boss. Netflix and chill will yourself to get off the couch already. How to Be a Boss (According to Your Favorite Shows) is your excuse to binge all the TV you want. It’s career inspiration, right?

Look in the mirror. What do you see? Do your eyes drift to the parts of yourself that you’re self-conscious about? Or, do you see a strong, brilliant human—full of ideas, power, and potential—staring back at you? Either way, you’re looking at the same image, the same person—just your perspective is different. Because, as Annie from Shrill shows us, how you choose to see yourself can completely change how others see you as well. 

Based on the personal journey of comedian and author Lindy West, and her bestselling book Shrill, the LOL-worthy and extremely relatable Hulu show of the same name serves up a whole lot of inspo. In the six-episode series, now streaming on Crave, Annie (Aidy Bryant) transforms from a shy, passive assistant editor to a confident powerhouse—and teaches us a lot in the process. Here are 10 lessons about how to be a boss, according to Annie, and a few of her friends: 

1. See yourself as the boss that you are. 
Annie (Aidy Bryant) looks at herself in the mirror. She looks quizzical and unhappy.
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2. No, seriously: be kind to yourself. Embrace how wonderful you are and other people will too. 
Annie and her roommate laugh and dance at an outdoor antique sale.
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3. Where you’ve come from and who you are gives you a unique perspective—and that deserves to be heard.
Annie sits on her bed in her childhood bedroom and is reflected in a mirror.
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4. Consider turning your passion—say a boundless curiosity about Alcatraz—into a project.
Ryan (Luka Jones) sits on the couch with headphones and in front of a microphone, taping a podcast with his two roommates.
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5. Find people who will listen to your ideas—but who will also call you on your BS. 
Annie’s roommate, Fran (Ololade “Lolly” Adefope), looks judgmental while standing in a doorway. In this scene from Shrill, she is listening to Annie talk about work.
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6. Those are the supporters who will celebrate your wins, and hold your hand through the tougher times. 
Annie and her roommate, Fran, lie on the bed, smiling at each other and holding hands.
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7. Avoid people who constantly make you doubt yourself—no matter how smiley and upbeat they seem. 
Annie smiles at fitness trainer Tanya (Katie Wee). The conversation seems pleasant, but it’s full of smiles of politeness.
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8. Break through barriers (like judgy assistants and intimidating bosses) and get your ideas out there without being overlooked. 
Annie stands in the doorway of her boss’s office, smiling, next to his assistant, Ruthi (Patti Harrison), who is not smiling.
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9. Show your gratitude when you get your big break (even if your boss isn’t exactly the warm and fuzzy type).
Annie hugs her boss in a scene from Shrill, but he doesn’t seem to want the hug and is standing stiffly with his arms raised.
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10. Stop waiting. Put on your power outfit and make big things happen. 
Annie smiles as she walks confidently in a red dress.
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Feature image by Niall McClelland

Words by Ishani Nath