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Scotts Flowers NYC delivers 140% higher ROAS with Shopify Audiences

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A Manhattan mainstay since 1947, Scotts Flowers NYC is an acclaimed florist with a robust ecommerce operation. Scotts delivers beautiful arrangements to New York’s five boroughs and Long Island from the Midtown showroom they've been in for 75 years.

For several years Scotts has relied on Made by DAS —an Audience Development™ studio run by marketing engineers to scale its ecommerce marketing strategy. Recently, DAS noticed an overall degradation of upper-funnel targeting performance. Since the recent changes to privacy across digital marketing, Scotts has been unable to affordably use top-of-funnel conversion campaigns outside of specific holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

DAS, a Plus Partner, was excited to use Shopify Audiences for top-of-funnel conversion prospecting for Scotts Flowers NYC. Scotts used the core audiences created by Shopify Audiences to create Facebook Lookalikes and saw impressive results. While Shopify Audiences delivered lower click-thru rates, the resulting conversions and return on ad spend were higher, proving that the Shopify Audiences algorithm was able to reach, and drive conversions among high-intent audiences. 

Install Shopify Audiences

With Shopify Plus and Shopify Audiences, Scotts Flowers NYC saw results fast: 

  • 140% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • 35% increase in conversion rate 
  • 27% of customers attributed to Shopify Audiences

We are willing to pay for higher CPMs and high cost per landing page views to acquire customers that convert faster and result in a higher ROAS. We’re excited with Shopify Audiences’ performance and are using it across our marketing funnel.

Scotts Flowers NYC

Chris Palliser — Senior Vice President and Co-Founder

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