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Yaasa increases global traffic by 50% with Shopify's international sales tools

Founded in 2016, Yaasa aims to revolutionize office supply products. Just one year after the brand launched, it expanded into the US—supplying height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office supplies through its online store. However, this expansion pushed the existing site to its limits. Yaasa needed a fast and easy to use platform. 

Since moving to Shopify Plus, the brand has seen: 

  • 10% bounce rate improvement
  • 50% increase in global traffic
  • 300% time to market improvement


Yaasa had a custom webshop frontend, along with WordPress integration for content, and a number of different domains and platforms for a variety of languages and targeted countries. Yaasa’s web store before migrating to Shopify Plus didn’t offer the necessary flexibility for internationalization: target markets and languages could only be handled through custom domains. It was time-consuming to manage all of the brand’s international stores, especially while trying to integrate new features or maintain content.


Working with agency beeclever, Yaasa decided to migrate their existing international stores to Shopify Plus, providing a solution for multiple international stores and content to exist on one platform. 

Yaasa used Shopify's international sales tools for international expansion. Prior to the relaunch, the brand set up three content Top-Level-Domains and seven separate store subdomains. The admin contained all of the separate international domains in one centralized space, giving the brand ultimate flexibility and control. Additionally, the migration to Shopify Plus gave customers an excellent experience at every touchpoint, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

To streamline various manual processes, such as inventory or order notifications Yaasa also used Shopify Flow. The Plus features make it possible to automate and standardize manual processes to work more efficiently.


Shopify Plus gives the brand maximum flexibility to expand their stores with Shopify's international sales tools and automate processes with Shopify Flow.

Before migrating to Shopify, many of our ecommerce processes were outsourced to third parties. With Shopify Plus, we now are in full control of every touchpoint that our customers have with our brand and can provide them with a delightful end-to-end user experience.


Johannes Sauer — Head of B2C & E-Commerce


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Previous platform



International sales tools, Customizable Checkout, Shopify Flow

Use case

Customization, Growth and Scale, Global Commerce

With Shopify, Yaasa saw results fast.


improved bounce rate


increase in global traffic


improvement of time to market

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