Introducing the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program: Instant Access to Best-in-Class Solutions and Expertise

Introducing the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program: Instant Access to Best-in-Class Solutions and Expertise

It’s not always easy to spot the best ...

In fact, it can feel downright overwhelming.

Separating fact from fiction is no small feat in a world where everyone touts their solution as “perfect,” supports the claim with slick marketing materials, and sells a dream you’d really like to believe.

Unfortunately, high-volume merchants are especially susceptible to choosing the wrong technology partners.


Because to maintain momentum, high-growth merchants often require unique and complex solutions. Identifying the best of the best can be a time-consuming process that shifts your attention away from what matters most: accelerating sales.

Worse, choosing the wrong technology partner doesn't just rob you of time and money. It can threaten to torpedo your business itself.

But what if you could immediately be sure you were partnering with the best?

Introducing the Technology Partner Program

As Shopify Plus disrupts the world of enterprise software, the Technology Partner Program has been created to assist in the development of the next generation of retail for high-growth, high-volume companies and brands.

The Technology Partner Program is a curated and vetted list of industry-leading technology and service partners across a wide variety of disciplines.

Trying to boost conversions with social proof?

Meet PowerReviews, one of the program’s ground-floor partners. Their mobile friendly platform is designed to help innovative brands generate and syndicate customer reviews that drive traffic, sales, and insight.

Partners like this represent the highest quality solutions and services in their industry. The result is a curated ecosystem of partners who embrace the same disruptive, go-to-market strategies and mindset as you.

Partners included in the program work with merchants to create additional capabilities and services that address the unique complexities of enterprise-level merchants, further enabling their continued growth.

Need a powerful yet easy-to-use ETL service?

If so, meet Stitch Data, which connects all your data sources and SaaS tools, streams it to your warehouse, and provides analysts the data they need in minutes rather than weeks.

From inventory or returns management to platform connectors or help with customer segmentation, the Technology Partners Program represents the highest quality solutions and services in the ecosystem and offers merchants and partners alike the opportunity to collaborate on projects.

In the market for a search tool to match customer intent?

Celebros, one of the program’s initial members, has developed a cutting edge search solution that employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available. It’s a solution Shopify Plus merchants can rely on internationally as Celebros is the only provider of semantic conversion technologies available in seven languages.

Vetting the Best

The due diligence and vetting have been done for you …

The partners selected for inclusion have been chosen not only because of their best-in-class service and performance but also because of their dedication to helping merchants like you succeed and grow.

Technology partners are only admitted to the program after a stringent evaluation based, in part, on the following criteria:

  • Ability to create a joint value proposition
  • Ability to solve merchant pain points in a particular vertical
  • Commitment to market disruption and innovation

In a rush to find a top notch marketing automation platform?

That’s why the program is home to Dotmailer, which has built a connector free for Shopify Plus merchants that automatically syncs your data to empower advanced email marketing strategies and provide marketers with the tools that make it easy to get dramatic results.

In all, the Technology Partner Program is launching with 35 partners across 17 verticals with each vertical including three or four industry-leading technology and service companies.

See the full list of our partners here.

Tired of data not being shared optimally across siloed teams?

Tealium offers a universal hub that unites tools and teams by connecting an organization’s data across employees, vendors, and touch points in real time to offer improved customer experiences that drive growth.

Want to leverage data to boost customer retention?

Dynamic Yield, a multivariate testing solution, positions merchants to better retain customers and grow revenue by creating competitive advantages with integrated customer experience analytics and optimization that adapts to visitor preferences in real time.

Choose With Confidence

Integrated technology solutions are a foundation for future growth. As your technology challenges grow more complex and unique, expect additional partners who can offer the right solutions fast.

“The program positions merchants to implement technology and solve problems faster with the confidence that they are partnering with the best. It’s vetted expertise high-growth merchants can trust.”

Jamie Sutton, Shopify Plus’ Head of Technology Partnerships

In the meantime …

Interested in creating better customer experiences that result in loyalty?

You might consider utilizing program partner Social Annex, which offers merchants an enterprise-grade, unified platform that offers seamless customer experiences that turn customers into loyal advocates.

Discover the solutions and trusted partners necessary to solve your toughest technology challenges and accelerate growth by learning more about all of our new partners here.

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