HydroMATE attributes nearly half of its daily customer growth to Shop Cash offers

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HydroMATE was founded in 2019 with a mission to improve the health, hydration, and happiness of the world's water drinking community.

While the brand quickly became a market leader, the D2C health and wellness industry was crowded, and the brand needed a way to cut through the noise to acquire new customers. Eager to continue growing, HydroMATE embraced Shop Cash offers—a risk-free acquisition channel that focuses on targeting new customers.

By tapping into the Shop audience of 100M+ buyers, HydroMATE was able to reach new customers while significantly lowering its average cost-per-acquisition. Today, HydroMATE attributes nearly half (43%) of its daily customer growth to Shop Cash offers.

"It's the best customer acquisition costs that we've seen. We can offer robust discounts to our customers and still pay a lower CPA than what we're paying on other marketing platforms," says Matthew Hernstadt, co-founder of HydroMATE.

Not only did the offer generate new customers for HydroMATE, it attracted customers with high lifetime value. Nearly 10% of the new customers HydroMATE acquired through the Shop Cash offers returned to repurchase in just 14 days. Comparatively, less than 5% of HydroMATE's new customers acquired on other channels returned to repurchase.

With Shopify Plus, HydroMATE saw results fast.

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Daily customer growth attributed to Shop Cash offers

“We’re going to continue to allocate budget, and we’re looking forward to the customer base expanding as more eyeballs get on Shop Cash Offers."

Matthew HernstadtCo-Founder, HydroMATE

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