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Music Business Name Ideas Generator (2024)

Tips for creating a great music business name

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If you’re interested in creating your own music store, one of the first steps is deciding what you’re going to call your new business. By taking advantage of a music name generator and keeping some key naming tips in mind, you can easily come up with the best business name imaginable.

Use our music store name generator to help you brainstorm the best names for your new business.

Tips for creating a great music business name

When carefully selecting your professional music store name, try some of these essential tips:

Use a musical term for your music brand name

There are so many musical terms out there that would make catchy music company names. For example, take something as simple as “Allegro” or “Staccato.” They work perfectly as standalone business names, or you can add “Music Shop” or the specific type of product you sell. With this name idea, your target audience will immediately know what your business is about. They know music, and you obviously do, too.

Choose a punny music company name that will make your customers smile

Crack a joke with your business name by using a pun. Not only will it immediately appeal to music lovers, it’s a great way to stay top of mind for those in the music community. Your punny music name could be something like “Cello There.” This is the time to let your creativity show. Try typing a keyword into the music store name generator for additional pun-spiration.

Niche down into a specific part of music, and include that in your brand name

As you’re starting up your new music store, you’ll likely start out by focusing on a particular niche, like sheet music, stringed instruments, or accessories. If this is the route you choose to go, you may want to incorporate that niche into your store name. For example, you might choose “Woodwinds Depot” for a shop focusing on woodwinds, “Gold Keys” for a piano store, or “Guitar Strings Shop” for a guitar store.

Select a music store name that is easy to spell and pronounce

If you’re running ads, whether on the radio, TV, or social media, you need to make it easy for listeners or viewers to come back to your business. This is also key for word-of-mouth marketing. When you choose a music store name that’s too abstract, you’re making it harder for people to find you. The easier it is to pronounce and spell your name, the easier it will be to look your business up online. As you begin the naming process, browse through our name ideas below, or use the music store name generator with the click of a button.

30 ideas for music store names

As you refine your ideas for music business names, use this list to spark your inspiration.

  1. 1. Allegro
  2. 2. The Music Bar
  3. 3. Zing Instruments
  4. 4. Guitar Strings Shop
  5. 5. Woodwinds Depot
  6. 6. Staccato
  7. 7. Music Warehouse
  8. 8. Stars Music
  9. 9. Music Notes
  10. 10. Sheet Music Galore
  11. 11. Treble Clef
  12. 12. Shopthoven
  13. 13. Little Music Shop
  14. 14. Gold Keys
  15. 15. Musical Chairs
  16. 16. Chordstop
  17. 17. Largo
  18. 18. Tunes
  19. 19. Supernova Music
  20. 20. Soundoff
  21. 21. Baritone Music
  22. 22. Crescendo Music Exchange
  23. 23. Audioly
  24. 24. The Music Man
  25. 25. Songorama
  26. 26. Melodies
  27. 27. Rhapsodic Music Shop
  28. 28. Cello There
  29. 29. Timbre
  30. 30. Accent on Music

You've chosen a company name. Now what?

You’ve named your business—congrats! Once you’ve secured your website domain with our domain name generator (tip: aim for something as close to your name as possible), it’s time to set up your store on Shopify.

Let your brand grow by designing a free logo with Shopify’s logo maker, and select an online store theme that resonates with your brand.

Make it easy for customers to find your products by adding different sales channels. For help promoting your brand, try our free marketing tools and apps. And for plenty of guides and inspiration, check out our blog (this guide to selling music is a great place to get started).

Frequently asked questions

Couldn’t find the information you were looking for? No worries—you’re covered right here.

The music name generator provides instant suggestions in three simple steps: 1. Think of a word that best describes your music brand 2. Enter it into the name generator field 3. Click on the "Generate names" button

That’s it! You now have 100 possibilities to select from or use as inspiration.

When it comes to music store name ideas, it’s all about authenticity. What sets your music store apart? Do you focus on a certain genre, instrument class, or audio format? Consider the in-store experience you want to offer and who your customers will be. In general, successful business names are:

  • Universal: this means the brand name makes sense across different languages
  • Easy to pronounce: you want your music brand name to be easy to find and remember
  • Non-specific: if you have a vision of expanding your music business, you may want to ensure your brand name isn’t too specific so you can include other products or services

These days business names are as diverse as the products and services themselves. Shopify’s free business name generator is here to help inspire a creative and unique name.

Good music business names are original, fresh, and memorable. As you brainstorm a name, consider employing these methods to inject a little fun into it:

  • Alliterate (e.g. Music Monkey)
  • Use acronyms (e.g. AJM - AJ’s Music )
  • Rhyme (e.g. Beat Street)
  • Abbreviate (e.g. The Music Co.)

You can search words in Shopify’s free business name generator tool, but here are some examples of catchy words to include in a music business name:

  • Soul (Soul Sound Co.)
  • Rhythm (The Rhythm Experts)
  • Hexagon (Hexagon Music Inc.)
  • Avenue (Avenue Music)
  • Note (The Note Nest)
  • Tune (Tuned In)

Yes. The music brand name generator tool from Shopify is free to use for all businesses and entrepreneurs. You can run as many searches as you like!

Ready to spend less time thinking of names and more time building your music business?

With Shopify’s music business name generator, you can get 100 creative, relevant name ideas for your music business in just seconds.

The names generated are examples only and may be used by other businesses or subject to third-party rights. By using them, you agree to these Terms.