List of 50 Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

List of 50 Must Follow Twitter Accounts for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs


Twitter is one of the best places for ecommerce entrepreneurs to get awesome info to help grow their online store. With a few hundred million different Twitter accounts, it's tough to decide who to follow. To help all the entrepreneurs out there, I've put a list of 50 must follow Twitter accounts for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Check them out below, and follow them here.

Executives & Thought Leaders

Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki): Former Chief Evangelist of Apple.
Gina Trapani (@ginatrapani): Founder of Lifehacker.
Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee): Entrepreneur, author, and social media master.
Timothy Ferriss (@tferriss): Author, VC, and entrepreneur.
Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog): World famous author and marketer.
Evan Carmichael (@EvanCarmichael): Entrepreneur and branding expert.
Andrew Warner (@AndrewWarner): Founder of Mixergy.
Fred Wilson (@fredwilson): One of the most well known tech VC's in the world.
Hiten Shah (@hnshah): Co-founder of KISSmetrics.
Tobias Lütke (@tobi): Founder of Shopify.
Harley Finkelstein (@hfizzle): Chief Platform Officer at Shopify.
Steve Blank (@sgblank): Customer Development professor at Stanford.
Mark MacLeod (@startupcfo): Provides great financial advice for startups.
Micah Baldwin (@micah): Founder of Graphicly and startup advisor.
Jason Fried (@jasonfried): Founder of 37signals, co-author of REWORK.
Dharmesh Shah (@dharmesh): Founder of HubSpot and
Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo): Every entrepreneur needs a good laugh.

SEO Masters

Rand Fishkin (@randfish): Founder of SEOmoz. SEO genius.
Matt Cuts (@mattcutts): Webspam guru at Google. Another SEO genius.


Brian Walker (@bkwalker): VP & Principal Ecommerce Analyst at Forrester.
Gene Alvarez (@galvar60): VP & Ecommerce Researcher at Gartner.

Journalists, Reporters & Bloggers

Tommy Walker (@tommyismyname): Host of Inside The Mind & Editor at ConversionXL
Tricia Duryee (@triciad): All Things D reporter for Ecommerce and Gaming.
Ryan Kim (@oryankim): GigaOM tech writer.
Ben Parr (@benparr): Mashable tech guy, tweets about entrepreneurship.
Ivor Tossell (@ivortossell): Popular technology culture columnist.
Sarah Kessler (@SarahFKessler): Startups reporter at Mashable.
Jason Kincaid (@jasonkincaid): Mild-mannered reporter at TechCrunch.
Shawn Graham (@ShawnGraham): Business strategist and Fast Company blogger.
Vitaly Friedman (@smashingmag): Editor-In-Chief of Smashing Magazine.
Valerie Khoo (@valeriekhoo): Top Australian entrepreneurship journalist.
Malcolm Gladwell (@Gladwell): Author and journalist for The New Yorker.
Pamela Slim (@pamslim): Author of Escape from Cubicle Nation. 

Retail & Ecommerce News

Shopify (@Shopify): Awesome ecommerce, and link to our blog.
Google Retail (@GoogleRetail): Latest industry news and data. (@shoporg): Tons of retail stats and info.
WSJ Small Business (@WSJSmallBiz): Updates from the Wall Street Journal.
Huffington Post (@HuffPostSmBiz): The best of HuffPost Small Business.
Practical Ecommerce (@practicalecomm): Useful commerce resources.
AMEX Open Forum (@OPENForum): Collective Ingenuity of Business Owners.
Bits (@nytimesbits): The New York Times business and tech blog.
Mashable (@mashable): Web culture, social media, and tech news source.
Entrepreneur Magazine (@EntMagazine): Resource for small businesses.
eCommerce News (@ecommerce): News feed from around the web.
Small Biz Technology (@ramonray): Tech and how it relates to business.
Linda Bustos (@Roxyyo): Runs a popular ecommerce blog.
Brian Tsuchiya (@StartupGuru): Startup advice for entrepreneurs.
Chris Pirillo (@ChrisPirillo): Content and communities expert.
Darren Rowse (@problogger): The guy behind Problogger.
Brian Clark (@copyblogger): Main Copyblogger dude.
Dear PR (@DearPR): What NOT to do when talking to media.
MailChimp (@MailChimp): Company blog, but they link to awesome content.


Easily follow these accounts here. 

**Think we missed someone? Tell us who we should add to the list in the comments. 


  • Shopaholla
    December 13 2011, 11:19AM

    Great list Mark!

  • Jess Joyce
    Jess Joyce
    December 13 2011, 11:28AM

    Great list Mark. That’s awesome you put on my SEO heroes Rand – his company SEOMoz is also an awesome account to follow their blog is my daily/weekly read!

    I would add Amber Mac to the list for sure –
    Journalist, TV Host, speaker and blogger – I always look to her first :)

  • Anthony
    December 13 2011, 12:19PM

    Why is Jason Sadler, @iwearyourshirt missing from this list?

  • Jera Batten
    Jera Batten
    December 13 2011, 12:21PM

    Thanks for the list :) Happy to see Steve Martin on there.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    December 13 2011, 03:04PM

    Shopaholla: Thanks very much! :-)

    Jess: Rand is awesome, and yes you’re right – the SEOMoz Twitter account is worthwhile as well. And you’re totally right about Amber Mac – she’s awesome!

    Anthony: We LOVE Jason but I wanted to keep the list to people who focus on ecommerce and entrepreneurship; whereas Jason tweets about a different company every day. But agree that he’s definitely a great guy to follow!

    Jera: Steve Martin is my favorite comedian and he’s awesome on Twitter. Always puts a smile on my face!

  • Paul Rouke
    Paul Rouke
    December 14 2011, 05:17PM

    I would certainly add @Econsultancy to the list of Retail & Ecommerce News accounts to follow. Now the most respected organisation for what they do in the UK, currently building their presence through the world.

    On a side note I deliver training for some of their worldwide clients as well as writing for them on their blog.

    In summary one to watch if you haven’t already heard of them!

  • Scott Rouse
    Scott Rouse
    December 22 2011, 04:10PM

    A good one to follow (a MUST FOLLOW for all startups and idea people) is Michael Burcham, the CEO of The Nashville Entreprenuer Center. A single Google Search will quickly fill in the rest. His Twitter ID is: @MichaelRBurcham.

  • loula
    January 18 2012, 04:29PM

    There are only 4 women on that extensive list. dear oh dear.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    January 18 2012, 06:03PM

    Loula: There are actually 6, but I agree – there should be more! Any suggestions?

  • LatinoGuy
    January 20 2012, 08:57PM

    hufpo? they support business?

  • Entvice
    August 12 2014, 03:50PM

    Best resource for daily inspirational quotes, tips and advice for entrepreneurs and startups:

  • Kyle
    May 17 2016, 01:47AM

    Thanks for the list :).

  • Serena Carcasole
    Serena Carcasole
    August 13 2016, 02:14PM

    one more to add to the list is They are amazing for anyone who sells online especially amazon.

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