Announcing 5 New Shopify Features to Help You Sell More


In order to run a successful ecommerce business, you need the right tools.

We’ve recently added several new Shopify features that we know are going to help our merchants boost their sales and run their stores more effectively.

Here’s what’s new:

    • Abandoned Checkout Recovery: automated recovery emails that get people back to your store so they complete their order.
    • Shopify Reports: insights and analytics into your store’s performance.
    • Advanced Report Builder: custom reports that let you get granular so you can figure out how to optimize your conversions and marketing dollars.
    • Unlimited Email Forwarding: create custom, branded email addresses that make your store look more professional to customers.
    • Future Publishing: save time and schedule when your new products, catalogues and blog posts go live.

    All of these improvements are now automatically available to all users on the plans outlined below - no upgrades required. And as a bonus, we’re also making discount codes available to all Basic plan users.

    Here’s a closer look at the new features and where they fit into our plans.

    1. Abandoned Checkout Recovery (PROFESSIONAL & UNLIMITED PLANS)

    1. Abandoned Checkout Recovery  (PROFESSIONAL & UNLIMITED PLANS)

    Did you know that according to recent research, 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned?

    That’s a lot of ecommerce dollars being left on the table.

    To help combat this, we created Abandoned Checkout Recovery - our new cart abandonment tool that puts more money back in your pocket.

    Now, anytime a potential customer provides their contact information but doesn’t complete their order, we store that as an abandoned checkout.

    All Shopify merchants currently have the ability to view their abandoned checkouts inside the Shopify Admin. However, Professional and Unlimited plan users now get access to our powerful new email follow-up features that come with Abandoned Checkout Recovery.

    Specifically, you can have your store automatically send an email to a customer with a permalink to their abandoned checkout after a certain period of time, specified by you. Or, if you’d prefer to do this manually on a case by case basis, you have that option as well.

    You can also customize and edit the content of your abandoned checkout recovery emails which will allow you to get creative and do things like incentivize your calls to action by offering discount codes if people return to your site and complete their order.

    Having an automated email recovery campaign in place with our new Abandoned Checkout Recovery feature will allow you to squeeze the most money out of your hard earned traffic.

    Learn more about Abandoned Checkout Recovery.


    2. Shopify Reports  (PROFESSIONAL & UNLIMITED PLANS)

    One of the most exciting new features we’ve recently launched is Shopify Reports.

    Shopify Reports give you access to insights and analytics that tell you exactly how your store is performing.

    With Reports you can:

    • See reports for products, orders, and payments quickly and easily
    • Measure your sales by amount or order count, see what sold yesterday or last year
    • See which products are selling and which ones aren’t
    • See the amount of taxes collected
    • See how sales vary month-to-month
    • See reports for a specific date range
    • View the data in both a table and chart form

    In other words, Reports let you quickly figure out what’s working for your store and what’s not so that you can make critical adjustments and optimizations that will ultimately help you sell more.

    Learn more about Shopify Reports.

    3. Advanced Report Builder (UNLIMITED PLAN)

    3. Advanced Report Builder  (UNLIMITED PLAN)

    In addition to the powerful reporting features mentioned above, Unlimited Plan users also get access to our Advanced Report Builder.

    Advanced Reports let you really start to drill down into the details of your store’s performance by providing you with advanced filtering options and the ability to create your own custom reports.

    You can filter by properties like web referral source or customer location which will allow you to understand which traffic sources are converting and make smarter decisions about where to put your marketing dollars.

    For example, if you notice that Google Adwords is converting particularly well for a certain product, you could scale up your Adwords spend.

    Or, if you see that one of your products is trending in a certain country, you could create a product specific Facebook ad targeting that region.

    And this just the start. We'll be adding new features to Reports in the coming months.

    Learn more about Advanced Reports.

    4. Future Publishing (ALL PLANS)

    4. Future Publishing  (ALL PLANS)

    Future Publishing allows you to create new products, collections, pages and blog posts as you always have but with one important new possibility: you can set them to appear on your site in the future.

    In other words, you can add a product today and set it to appear live on your site next Monday morning at 9:00 a.m.

    We think this will be a handy feature for people creating product promotions and content marketing campaigns.

    5. Unlimited Email Address Forwarding (ALL PLANS)

    5. Unlimited Email Address Forwarding  (ALL PLANS)

    When you buy a domain name using Shopify, we now allow you to set up an unlimited number of forwarding email addresses for free.

    Messages sent to your email addresses (e.g. will be forwarded to an email account you already own (e.g. This way you don’t need to constantly be checking a different email account for emails about your store.

    This allows your business to appear more professional to customers when they get your order receipts or email newsletters.

    And the best part is email forwarding is super easy to set up.

    Learn more about unlimited email forwarding.

    Bonus: Discount Codes for All Basic Plan Users

    Offering discounts, gift certificates, coupons and sales can be a powerful marketing strategy for your online store.

    In fact, recent surveys show 60% of people say that receiving special offers is the top reason they subscribe to an email list from a business.

    We’re pleased to announce that discount codes are now automatically available to all merchants on our Basic plan.

    With our flexible discount code engine, discounts can be generated for a dollar value discount ($10 off), or for a percentage discount (10% off). You can also specify the dates for which the code is valid, the number of times a code can be used, a minimum order amount before the code can be used, and to which products or collections the discount can be applied.

    Learn more about discount codes.

    Have Questions?

    If you have questions about any of these new features that you’d like to get answered before signing up with Shopify, please contact our Sales Team.

    If you're an existing Shopify customer, please get in touch with one of our Support Gurus.