Shopify Collective

Sell at scale with brands you love

Connect with your favorite brands to power product collaborations, curated marketplaces and everything in between—seamlessly inside Shopify.

Shopify Collective is free to use for eligible Shopify stores based in the US.

  • Fear of God
  • Beast
  • True Classic
  • Humanrace
  • Newton
  • Branch
  • Porter Road
  • Bala
  • Kyte Baby
  • Blendjet
  • Kitsch

Choose how to sell

Be a retailer, a supplier, or mix and match with both apps.

For retailers

Sell new products without inventory

Boost profits by importing products from top Shopify brands, without holding inventory—and only pay when you sell.

Virtual inventory interface showing a profile picture on green fabric background, with stats: automatic payments on, 187/400 imported products, and $53,020.00 in total sales. 'Import to store' button is highlighted.

Connect with brands

Discover suppliers from Shopify’s world-class network, or fast-track onboarding for trusted partners, and start selling collaboratively.

Test new products

Curate from supplier catalogs in seconds, and give customers more of what they want without risky investments.

You sell, they ship

At checkout, Collective routes orders directly to your suppliers to fulfill and ship direct to customers. No stock to handle, no hassles.

Earn on every order

Track orders centrally in your Shopify admin, and only pay suppliers for the products you sold once they’ve shipped them.

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For suppliers

Sell through retailers

Reach new customers and push up profits by selling your products on top Shopify stores.

Interface showing invitations to sell through retailers. Cards from Zen Sana Boutique, Modavia Apparel, and Threadscape are displayed, with a message from Katie at Threadscape wanting to sell your products and an 'Accept invitation' button.

Get connected fast

Connect with your favorite retailers, or accept invites from stores in Collective’s trusted network who want to sell your products.

Share select products

Offer a turnkey buying experience using price lists to assign products to specific retailers, with margins that you control.

They sell, you ship

Customer orders route seamlessly from retailer checkout to your store, ready to fulfill. When you ship, you get paid automatically.

Boost the bottom line

Sell in new places, build brand awareness, and make more margin—all while lowering your customer acquisition costs.

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Together, you’re unstoppable

Discover how brands are joining forces on Shopify Collective to grow sales, increase AOV, and win new customers.

Plug-and-play automations

Collective eliminates the complexity of brand partnerships, so you can focus on driving sales.


Ultrafast syncing

From the moment products are imported, inventory updates seamlessly in real-time, eliminating manual work.


Multi-brand checkout

One brand, 10 brands. Whatever fills their carts, customers check out once, and orders auto-route to suppliers to fulfill.


Overselling protection

Sell precisely the inventory that brands have in stock, even at flash sale scale, with no risk of overselling.


Calculated shipping

Never be out of pocket for shipping with supplier rates fetched at checkout based on weight and customer location.


Streamlined back office

Share, import and publish products at scale and speed, with bulk management tools all inside your admin.


Automatic payments

Collective takes care of revenue sharing agreements automatically through Shopify Payments.

Two women posing confidently against a clear blue sky, wearing vibrant athletic wear from Bala's fitness destination, The Movement Store.

The initial sync of the content from the brands’ PDPs was flawless, enabling us to enhance the customer experience by incorporating our own editorialized imagery.

Get started for free

Shopify Collective is free to use for eligible Shopify stores based in the US.

I’m a retailer

Import and sell products from quality Shopify brands, with no inventory costs or commitments—just more profit.

I’m a supplier

Boost your reach and sales by approving retailers to sell your products through their storefronts.

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