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  • To start selling paint online, you need to determine the kind of paint you want to sell. This will depend on your targeted customer base – are you selling paint to artists, DIY homeowners, interior designers, or all three? Once you have that figured out, you can start creating a Shopify store by uploading high definition photos of your paints into different color catalogs, and customizing your Shopify theme to bring out the artsy nature of your brand.

  • To sell paint online, you can create a Shopify store, or sell on marketplaces and online auction sites. With a Shopify store, you don’t need to go through complex setup procedures and can still use omnichannel marketing to integrate other marketplaces and maximize sales.

  • Absolutely! Many paint sellers use Shopify to power their online stores. And if you also run a physical paint store, Shopify allows you to seamlessly sync both your online and physical retail stores, and collect in-person payments with Shopify POS. With Shopify, you can also expand the functionality of your store by leveraging any number of apps in the 6000+ app store offering. You can use apps to keep your customers engaged with newsletters, add customer reviews, handout receipts, manage accounting, you name it.

  • The best way to price paint is to research your competitors and find out how much they charge per gallon for similar paint to the type you sell. Paints are classified into different categories based on their bases and finishes, and what they are used for. Also, you can expect higher price tags on paints with certifications for safety than those that don’t have them. You should also factor in shipping costs, especially for bulk purchases.

  • Clare paint is an example of a paint and painting services store that uses Shopify to process payments for its services. Clare offers some unique offerings like mess free peel and stick paint swatches that help customers sample the look of their products at home before making a purchase, a great strategy for any ecommerce business.

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Showcase your paint with professionally edited photos or build customer loyalty with rewards programs. With over 6000 options in the Shopify App Store, you can customize your store experience and test for success.

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Sell your paint online, in-person, and wherever your customers are. Quickly accept payments, view sales, fulfill orders, and track inventory with the Shopify POS app—no matter where you sell.

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For solo entrepreneurs

Yearly subscription price €24 EUR per month

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  • 2% 3rd-party payment providers
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For small teams

Yearly subscription price €69 EUR per month

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  • 1.6% + €0.00 EUR in person excl. VAT
  • 1% 3rd-party payment providers
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As your business scales

Yearly subscription price €289 EUR per month

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  • 1.5% + €0.25 EUR online excl. VAT
  • 1.5% + €0.00 EUR in person excl. VAT
  • 0.6% 3rd-party payment providers

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