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Every entrepreneur is a hero. But even heroes need a sidekick.

Prepare for an AI-driven future that paves the way for your unparalleled growth and success. Our groundbreaking commerce-focused AI empowers entrepreneurs like you to be more productive, creative, and successful than ever before. Welcome to a new era of entrepreneurial empowerment.

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  • Place it on a minimalistic podium
  • Place it on a book shelf
  • Place it on a living room table
  • Place it on an abstract background
  • Remove background

Transform product image backgrounds

Create professional product photos with our AI-enabled image editing tool. Instantly generate, match, or remove the background of your existing product images using just a few clicks or keywords.

Write better product descriptions

Share a few keywords and Shopify Magic fills in the rest, generating SEO-friendly and commerce-centric ideas that make your website content more effective.

Features and keywordsPowerful portable speaker



Do you ship worldwide?


How can I return an item?

Get answers for your FAQs

Shopify Magic suggests personalized FAQs and responses to add to Shopify Inbox. Review and publish instant answers that are crafted to your business in your store’s chat window, moving buyers closer to a sale.

Elevate your email effectiveness

Shopify Magic is your ultimate communication assistant. It knows the best time to send correspondence and how to generate subject lines and copy so you’re never starting from scratch.

  • Shopify Magic pop-up window suggesting the best time to send email with more options to send now or enter customized time
  • Shopify Magic pop-up to generate AI email body copy for a record player.
  • Shopify Magic pop-up to generate AI email subject line for discounted record player.

Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

11:47 AM

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Turn live chats into checkouts

Get personalized and relevant responses to customer questions, so you can reply quickly, deliver an outstanding customer experience, and turn more chats into conversions.

Back of a teal colored winter coat with a lighter hood, featuring a label from Glitch Anomaly.

I use Shopify Magic to write product descriptions by inputting desirable keywords for SEO. It gives me the ability to work more efficiently and save costs… It’s a game changer.

Glitch Anomaly

Kwame Chambers — CEO, Co-founder and Managing/Creative Director

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Meet Sidekick, your AI assistant

You deserve a Shopify expert in your corner who is deeply competent, incredibly intelligent, and always available whenever you need them. Sidekick will act as your very own advisor, guiding you with tailored, skilled advice to make your business stronger.

Achieve more, faster

Get instant support and step-by-step directions for everything in Shopify, like setting up shipping or keeping track of your inventory.

Level up with tailored, expert advice

Sidekick will create instant reports to help you decide what’s best for your business.

Unlock creativity

Tell Sidekick what you need, and it’ll suggest content that not only fits your brand, but gets people interested in your store.

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