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How Shopify Plus helped namuk to 65 % more transactions and a 45 % increase in conversion rate

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namuk was founded in the Swiss Alps in 2016 with the clear mission of providing children with a carefree experience and exploration of nature. For namuk, this means equipping them with innovative, durable, and fashionable clothing that can withstand all the forces of nature. With its products, namuk enables parents to let their children enjoy nature to the fullest without having to worry about worn-out clothing.

Facing issues with the previous Magento-based shop system that significantly impacted the efficiency of the store, the company opted for a replatforming solution with Shopify Plus. This decision led to a decisive improvement in many processes. Overall, Shopify Plus provided a comprehensive solution that effectively addressed namuk's needs, resulting in a successful migration and optimized ecommerce operations.

Since the migration, the company achieved the following results:

  • 45 % increase in the conversion rate
  • Growth rate of 70 %
  • Savings of approximately 100 working hours per month in development


namuk faced a series of challenges that motivated the transition to Shopify Plus. The company grappled with extensive maintenance and upkeep of its Magento webshop, consuming around 140 working hours per month. The existing webshop suffered from speed issues, complexities in payment systems, and overly intricate personalization. These challenges not only impacted operational efficiency but also required significant time investment for the implementation of new features.

There were various challenges with Magento. We had to take care of hosting, development, payment providers, checkout, and much more ourselves. Without Shopify Plus, we would have to hire an entire team for this today.

  • Namuk
  • Simon Bertschinger — Head of Ecommerce

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In order to improve the efficiency of its ecommerce platform and put the company on course for long-term growth, the company decided to migrate to Shopify Plus.

These challenging processes were not in line with our growth goals. Ideally, we want to grow triple digits per year, but that simply wouldn't have worked in terms of expertise and capacity in the old environment.

  • Namuk
  • Simon Bertschinger — Head of Ecommerce

The platform offered significant stability, necessary for namuk to reduce the complex maintenance and upkeep of the previous Magento webshop. Secondly, Shopify Plus promised impressive growth potential, enabling namuk to successfully expand internationally.

We also became aware of Shopify through the recommendation of other start-ups and were very quickly impressed after setting up an MVP store for our second-hand solution namuk ReUse.

  • Namuk
  • Simon Bertschinger — Head of Ecommerce

The third crucial advantage was the unrestricted control over content management, providing namuk with the flexibility to design the online presence according to its own requirements. The multitude of possibilities offered by Shopify Plus contributed to optimizing market performance and making the company more competitive in a challenging environment.

Today, we can build a beautiful landing page within 30 minutes with Shopify. That's simply a huge difference compared to the past.

  • Namuk
  • Simon Bertschinger — Head of Ecommerce

To get the most out of these benefits, namuk decided to involve the Shopify partner agency Code, which successfully executed the platform migration. This strategic shift not only enabled smooth and efficient ecommerce operations but also resulted in an internationally successful webshop and significantly improved customer experience.


The results of namuk's migration to Shopify Plus confirm the success of the decision. Conversion rates increased by 45 %, indicating a significant improvement in platform user-friendliness and efficiency. This boost not only reflects increased customer interest but also showcases the enhanced performance of the new ecommerce system.

In addition, namuk recorded a growth rate of around 70% in 2023, thanks in part to the successful international expansion via Shopify Plus.

The decision to migrate not only manifested in quantitative successes but also led to an improved customer experience. The collaboration between Namuk, Code, and Shopify Plus facilitated smooth international success since July 2022, along with the implementation of controlled content management, increased flexibility, and numerous other process improvements.

What we often hear, also from people in the industry, is that our website has taken a huge leap since Shopify. Especially in terms of the website's appearance, there has been only positive feedback."

  • Namuk
  • Simon Bertschinger — Head of Ecommerce

Overall, the achieved results illustrate that the migration to Shopify Plus not only brought about technological improvements but also played a crucial role in positioning namuk as a competitive player in the children's clothing industry.

With a classic e-commerce use case like ours, without complex configurators or millions of products, it is almost a competitive disadvantage today not to be on Shopify. You simply benefit from the incredible development that Shopify itself puts into its system without having to constantly worry about updates and system customisations.

  • Namuk
  • Simon Bertschinger — Head of Ecommerce
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