Upgraded Shopify Widget: Embed Your Online Store Anywhere

Upgraded Shopify Widget: Embed Your Online Store Anywhere


Update: The Shopify Widget is now the Shopify Buy Button.

You can now embed your entire Shopify storefront into pretty much any page on the web! Thats right! Whether you have a static site or you are using a cms like wordpress, joomla or drupal, its easy to add ecommerce functionality with the shopify widget, its the equivalent of an ecommerce plugin.

Remember a couple of months ago when we released the Shopify Widgets App? Since then it’s been installed in over 900 shops! Since the initial release we’ve been working on adding a full blown shop experience that you can embed into pretty much any site you like.

Let me put that another way: You can now sell your products through Shopify without the customer having to leave your existing site. How cool is that? It's perfect for self-hosted WordPress blogs, Tumblr, Drupal sites, personal homepages, or any other webpage you control.

This is especially valuable to brands with pre-existing websites that have lots of visitors such as webcomics, blogs, or forums. Ordinarily with Shopify you'd need to spend time styling your shop to match the existing page but now you can throw the pop-up shop straight in there. Zero time spent on design, maximum impact.

Click for a Working Example

Wasn't that cool? That was the Shopify merch store embedded into this blogpost. The best part about it is that you can have one of these for your store too, and it's free! :-) Let’s see how it works.

Step 1

As always, first you need to grab the app from the Shopify App Store (unless you have it already, in which case you can jump right in here).

Step 2

On the homepage of the app, choose ‘embed a shop’ on the right

Step 3

Select the collections you want to display in the embedded shop. (Tip: Create a special collection for the target audience of the page you’re embedding into)

Step 4

Read the instructions and grab the embed code. Paste it into the target page and you’re good to go! Check out more details and download the free app here

We'd love to hear what you think of this new functionality, so leave a comment with your thoughts.


  • Alan Houser
    Alan Houser
    March 20 2012, 11:59AM

    This would work on Facebook too, ya?

  • @Shopify David Underwood
    David Underwood
    March 20 2012, 01:28PM

    Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t allow the code you need to run the widget to be inserted onto a page. Instead, I’d recommend checking out one of the Facebook apps on our App Store: http://apps.shopify.com/search/query?q=facebook+store

  • Rasmus
    March 20 2012, 02:37PM

    It would be nice to have the possibility to change the text (e.g. cart is empty, checkout) for those who do not have English as their language. And also have the ability to remove Ecommerce Software by Shopify. But well done anyway!

  • @Shopify Warren Dunlop
    Warren Dunlop
    March 20 2012, 04:55PM

    …and yes, the Shopify shirts in the embedded shop are actually for sale (from http://store.shopify.com) :)

  • SharonH
    March 20 2012, 09:31PM

    I wish it wasn’t so wide and could fit on the sidebar of my blog the way the one I currently have thru Craftcult. I’d love to get rid of that etsy shop widget and get one that will direct traffic to my personal site. So far nothing beats it. Please take a look at it.


    It fits very nicely in the sidebar and can be set to slideshow. :-)

  • Kishan
    March 21 2012, 10:33AM

    Agreed with Sharon. Sidebar implementation would be the most valuable, and convince me to actually use this.

  • Brian
    March 22 2012, 01:18AM

    Thank GOD. Been waiting for this since they day I signed up…knew it had to happen at some point or another. Looks great, seems to work great. My only complaint is the lack of customization (would like to change the light grey background on pictures to fit my products) – once features like that get built in…perfect.

  • Nicolai
    March 23 2012, 06:53AM

    Is it possible to embed the shop (now shown in the light box) directly in to our homepage (wordpress)?

  • Interoctavo
    March 23 2012, 01:57PM

    This is great. We’ve added the widget to a few of our sites. http://interoctavo.com – works like a charm.

    Any plans to bake in tracking codes so we can get analytics from partner and affiliate sites?

  • Justin M.
    Justin M.
    March 24 2012, 10:44AM

    “Any plans to bake in tracking codes so we can get analytics from partner and affiliate sites?”


    Nice progress :)

  • Justin M.
    Justin M.
    March 24 2012, 10:45AM

    And would also like to take customers to a cart page to modify quantity on on the other widgets,

  • Dave
    March 28 2012, 07:06AM

    Doesn’t work on mobile devices, especially iPhone unfortunately. One gripe I have with a lot of online stores. I’m sure Shopify will get there though!

  • David Oxley
    David Oxley
    April 04 2012, 06:01PM

    Cool, just tried this out. I noticed that pound signs are showing up as £ on the listing, but shows up fine on the product details pages.

  • Terri
    April 12 2012, 03:57PM

    Can this be added to the Google+ page? Thanks.

  • Vijay
    April 26 2012, 02:18AM

    I need this kinda widget very much I to re-direct my traffic from my websites to Shopify store. I tried this widget but, unfortunately if has some disadvantages namely;
    1) The is no options for re sizing and changing the shapes. (cube, rectangle etc)
    2) When click on the widget is goes into check out page. This is really disappointing and there is no link to the shop!!! It’s like forcing my customer to make a purchase! I need to give my customers more option to choose from while shopping. Most of them will be annoyed and leave the site if there is no option to choose from.

    I think this is a simple mistake and but will us cost a great deal!!!
    Currently, my websites attract few thousand visitors but only 10 30 clicks to shopify site through the banners and links which manually placed it my websites. :(

    This widgets is a excellent choice to increase my traffic to my website provided Shopify team can do some improvement so it can re-direct to the shop pages instead of check out page.

  • winn
    May 16 2012, 05:54PM

    Does the app works in Pinterest? Thanks.

  • Scracy
    September 10 2012, 11:42AM

    Im trying to add this to my muse website. I just get a blank box. Ive embedded it into the header but still nothing. Im pretty sure muse accepts javascript. Any ideas?

  • Ney
    September 28 2012, 04:37PM

    Same here! It does not work in Adobe Muse? Can you guys make the store with i-frame like the Wazala does?


  • Grace Mc Ginn
    Grace Mc Ginn
    November 06 2012, 01:05PM

    Is there any way of editing the styling of the embedded shop??

  • David
    December 17 2012, 04:49PM

    Posted this on the original app thread awhile ago, trying this one as I just found it…

    When I set the embed product widget to take users to the cart, it opens the cart in a new browser window. When I set to go to either product or checkout, it opens in the same window.

    Anyone know why the “buy now” set to go to cart opens in a new window? And, how can I change that so it opens in the same window?

    Thanks in advance.

  • RTPWebby
    January 15 2013, 02:41PM

    Drat. I read “embedded” to mean that the store items would actually be embedded into the HTML page, but that’s not the case. This widget simply generates a pop up lightbox. Which you can’t style to match the look and feel of the website. :(

  • MrAlby
    January 31 2013, 12:18PM

    I agree…very frustrating that:

    1. Entire store is not embeddable – this “widget” is pretty ugly and not very functional.

    2. Not formatted for iphone/mobile (crazy)!!!

  • Theresa
    February 03 2013, 05:52AM

    The Etsy example that Sharon provided is exactly what I’m looking for. Just need the ability to resize!

  • Oscar
    February 17 2013, 08:25AM

    Thanks for sharing. I will try to include it in my new website. It will be perfect.


  • Chris Ruder
    Chris Ruder
    February 20 2013, 04:06PM

    “Any plans to bake in tracking codes so we can get analytics from partner and affiliate sites?”


  • Ise Opps
    Ise Opps
    March 12 2013, 05:46AM

    Great app but I need the option to ADD QUANTITY. As it stands the user needs to constantly click the add to cart button to get to the desired quantity. a field or drop down for quantity will just make this perfect for me.
    Without the ADD QUANTITY field, it could be confusing to potential customers on the site.

    Please somebody… anybody…. what is the fix for this?

  • Jeanette Chalgren
    Jeanette Chalgren
    March 28 2013, 11:15AM

    We have the mini store widget added to our site. It’s great, except after the title of our (only) product it says – Default Title. It doesn’t do this in our normal Shopify store. How can we remove that?


  • Mustafa Şahin
    Mustafa Şahin
    April 03 2013, 01:19PM

    At least a little editing ability would be great. But I think it’s not possible right now.

  • suhana
    April 09 2013, 09:27AM

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    Link: http://bit.ly/XczfI3

  • john
    August 29 2013, 04:51PM

    We have work done in ruby rail and we were going to use shopify as template as they work well together however now we are looking at wordpress because we cant find a template from shopify that has enough functionality for store and also to display some static pages etc. We want our site to be both a normal website where we have gallery , events page, about us etc and then also shopping cart

  • Aaron
    November 12 2013, 09:18PM

    I was very excited when I found this functionality of shopify as I’m building out the ecommerce for the small business I manage. This almost, almost, had me deciding on using shopify for the shop experience. However, I checked it out using mobile and it doesn’t work. After reading through the comment thread it seems that there has been zero support for this functionality since it was published more than a year and a half ago.

    I hope that someone from shopify emails me and explains that there is something like this that fulfills my needs, as I think shopify provides a great store front solution over all. However, in the meantime it is out of the running.

  • Gary
    January 24 2014, 06:40AM

    Until this is available as a vertical widget, it’s useless to me for my personal blog, websites and for those that I consult to. All require vertical sidebar integration. Come on! It’s an easy bit of coding! I could use this sooner than later.

  • Jim
    April 24 2014, 09:21AM

    This is a wonderful little app but this needs to work on all mobile devices in order for broad use / implementation. Has anyone found a solution to this?

  • Lobelia
    June 18 2014, 11:54PM

    This sounds almost perfect!
    So you can actually embed an entire Shopify store for instance, to an existing wordpress site?
    Any response regarding access to mobile devices as mentioned above by Jim & Aaron?

  • Jovani
    July 21 2014, 02:37PM

    Does this work within Tumblr?

  • pirco
    July 25 2014, 07:34PM

    so is this widget the ONLY option to embed shopify products outside of shopify??

  • Brian
    October 30 2014, 02:56PM

    The bringhub universal cart app in another option – https://apps.shopify.com/bringhub

  • Vicki
    November 08 2014, 09:58AM

    I think shopify lacks a bit of customization as some of you have mentioned. I found a more flexible web store that you can embed into your website. It is free as well. http://www.snapwebapps.com

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