1 Billion

1 Billion


Today, I’m excited to announce that our merchants have sold over $1,000,000,000 in products using Shopify. That’s a lot of zeros, and a huge achievement for all of our store owners.  

Every day I get so excited when I see all the beautiful online stores that have chosen Shopify as their ecommerce platform. We have over 35,000 active online stores in almost 100 different countries around the world. Since we launched six years ago, over 13 million orders have been processed.

But it’s not all about the numbers. It’s about knowing that we’re helping thousands of small business owners succeed. So instead of writing a boring press release, we have decided to share a few of your stories

You can watch this and other videos on our new Shopify Stories page.

Thanks so much for supporting Shopify. Congratulations on selling such a ridiculously amazing amount of brilliant products.



  • Christopher
    October 09 2012, 05:05PM

    Congrats to Shopify!

    It feels great to be a part of the family!


  • Chris Tsang
    Chris Tsang
    October 09 2012, 05:06PM

    Congrats Shopify! It’s the best platform out there and we are so happy to be a part of this!

  • Tomas Kotrla
    Tomas Kotrla
    October 09 2012, 05:08PM

    Congrats Shopify!

  • Laura
    October 09 2012, 05:38PM

    Congrats, why is there no photo editor in the beta of shopify?

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    October 09 2012, 05:43PM

    Laura: Thanks! There will be a photo editor in Shopify 2, it’s just not in the Beta right now.

  • Chris Bailey
    Chris Bailey
    October 09 2012, 06:52PM

    This is awesome. Congrats!!

  • Aleksandr Karev
    Aleksandr Karev
    October 10 2012, 02:42AM

    Congrats! On behalf of MacStickrs.com I would like to say that we are proud be a part of Shopify community ;)

    Keep up the good work guys!

    Aleksandr Karev


  • Alexandre
    October 10 2012, 04:44AM

    Congrats Shopify!

    The Shopfrogs team!


  • Richard // Underground Media
    Richard // Underground Media
    October 10 2012, 04:37PM

    Congratulations Shopify… Nice stat for the next Infographic!

  • Jeffrey - Trendslide
    Jeffrey - Trendslide
    October 10 2012, 05:10PM

    Congratulations to the Shopify team! We’re proud to be a part of the app community and to see Shopify continue to grow.

    - Jeffrey, Co-Founder at Trendslide

  • Thomas - Bento&co
    Thomas - Bento&co
    October 10 2012, 06:15PM

    Congrats Shopify! We love you (and can’t wait to see Shopify 2).


  • Dennice- Darling Neesa
    Dennice- Darling Neesa
    October 10 2012, 07:03PM

    You guys are awesome! Congrats!

    We are proud to be apart of such a great community!


  • Ss
    October 10 2012, 10:55PM

    Congrats, that is quite a feat! This blog is super sexy btw

  • Ali Mahmoud
    Ali Mahmoud
    October 10 2012, 11:05PM

    You guys are killin it! With everything going e-tail the sky is the limit and you’re at the head of the pack. So proud that you are an Ottawa company.

  • Jonas Brandon
    Jonas Brandon
    October 18 2012, 12:08AM

    “The first billion is the hardest” ;)


  • Kristie Tadlock
    Kristie Tadlock
    October 23 2012, 04:25PM

    Congratulations Shopify! We are very proud to be part of this awesome community. Keep up the great work!


  • dfgdfg
    November 02 2012, 08:28AM


  • Ajay
    November 02 2012, 08:29AM


  • Trevor - ONE
    Trevor - ONE
    November 02 2012, 09:31PM

    Congrats Shopify! Proud to be part of the Shopify community and contest this year.

    Trevor, Co-Founder at ONE

  • troy112233lhackeronetest
    June 05 2016, 08:37PM
  • troy112233lhackeronetest
    June 05 2016, 08:42PM

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