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Momofuku Goods effortlessly delivers the goods to up to 30,000 customers per month


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Shopify Scripts, Shopify Flow

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Growth and Scale, B2B and Wholesale, Apps and Integrations

Since 2004, David Chang’s Momofuku Noodle Bars have been garnering diehard fans around the globe. So, it came as no surprise that when Momofuku launched its first packaged noodles in 2021 (just one of the pantry staples the brand sells on its Momofuku Goods site), they sold out in less than 10 minutes. It wasn’t the first time; Momofuku is no stranger to hitting sales of $100,000 in under an hour and up to $500,000 in a day.

To handle this level of growth, Momofuku needed a platform capable of handling high volume traffic and sales, which is why it turned to Shopify Plus. By connecting its operations, finance, and sales through the platform, Momofuku has been able to expand into new markets, including wholesale. Tailored solutions, including Shopify Scripts and Shopify Flow—which automates tasks such as the launch of sales—have been critical in launching sales campaigns. Seamless app integrations, including those in conjunction with Shopify Plus Partner ShipHero, make it easy for Momofuku to fulfill up to 30,000 orders per month, all without taking time away from developing its next fan favorite product and growing its B2B operations.

With Shopify Plus, Momofuku saw results fast.

  • Exponential growth in sales thanks to integrations with ShipHero
  • The solid foundation to conduct B2B sales, including wholesale orders for large US-based retailers
  • Seamless automated solutions to launch flash sales campaigns and new products

Shopify Plus is the backbone of our business. As we continue to grow, Shopify Plus and ShipHero will grow with us. They are the scaffolding. They're the lattice upon which this entire thing is built. We can focus on growing the business, focus on new markets, and not have to worry about the operational logistics that they provide for us.


Bob Kim — Head of IT

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