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Finance your next move—on your terms

Build a custom loan and repayment plan with the partner who knows you best.

Don’t have a Shopify store? Start for free, then get your first 3 months for $1/mo.Available in select countries. Offers to apply do not guarantee financing. All financing through Shopify Lending including Shopify Capital, Line of Credit, and Term Loans products is issued by WebBank in the United States.

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The Term Loan made for commerce

Shopify is the only finance partner with a 360° understanding of your business, so we’ll have an offer ready the moment you’re eligible for financing.

Transparent pricing

No monthly service fees, and no surprises of any kind.

No hard credit checks

Offers are based on our unique, in-depth view of your business.

Seamless integration

Manage your business financing in the same admin you use every day.

Full control

Scale and thrive with Shopify. No equity, or stake taken—ever.

Manage your cash flow and plan for growth

Get predictable financing that suits your business’s unique needs.

27% of loan repaid and an outstanding balance of $85,400.

No surprise fees

Skip the fees in the fine print and know what you’re paying up front.

Tailored loan amounts

Customize your offer for the amount of financing your business actually needs.1

Custom repayments

Set up a weekly or monthly repayment schedule for a term up to 12 months.1

Term Loans by the numbers

Up to $5M

in financing2

12-month terms

with your own repayment schedule

0 surprise fees

and every detail up front

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Shopify Term Loans

Your business, your finances, together.

Hit your goals with the trusted partner who understands your business best.


What is a term loan?

Understand the benefits of a term loan, and why a Shopify Term Loan could be right for your business.

Financing solutions

Learn the difference between each of Shopify’s lending solutions, and find out which one is right for your business.


Detailed instructions, terms, and key information for setting up and using your Shopify Loan.

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Frequently asked questions

Shopify Term Loans have set payment schedules, which can be selected as weekly or monthly, based on sales. The number of weeks or months that the loan must be paid back by is called the “term”. For example, a term could be a 10-month term or a 12-month term.

Monthly payments are made on the same calendar day each month. If the Effective Date of the Agreement (i.e., the date the merchant receives funds) is August 10, the first monthly payment will be due on September 10, the next on October 10, and so on. If the Effective Date falls on the 29, 30, or 31 of the month, the first payment will be due on the first day of the following month.

Weekly payments are due the same day each week. For example, if the Effective Date is a Tuesday, each payment will be due on Tuesday.
Each payment is the total payment amount divided by the number of weeks or months in the term.

The total payment amount is the total amount that must be repaid: the loan amount plus the cost of funds.

For example:

Total payment amount: $3,300,000
Loan amount: $3,000,000
Cost of funds: $300,000
Term: 12 months
Monthly payment amount: $275,000

Learn more about calculating your monthly loan payments.
Shopify Term Loans are repaid weekly or monthly. For a lending solution that offers daily payment schedules, check out Shopify Capital Loans and Cash Advances.
No. The maximum loan length or term for a Shopify Term Loan is 12 months.

Available in select countries. Offers to apply do not guarantee financing. All financing through Shopify Lending, including Shopify Capital, Line of Credit, and Term Loans products is issued by WebBank in the United States. Financing through Shopify Capital is either in the form of a merchant cash advance (MCA) or loan, depending on location. In the United Kingdom, MCAs are issued by YouLend. 

  • 1Minimum amounts may apply. Repayment is made in equal weekly or monthly payments within 12 months.
  • 2Amounts presented are in USD. Offers for eligible merchants are made in their local currency.
  • 3Funds from a withdrawal request may take two or more business days to be received.