How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales

How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales


Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network site in the world, and ecommerce stores can leverage its popularity to significantly increase traffic and sales. 

To better understand how Pinterest is effecting the ecommerce industry, we analyzed data from over 25,000 Shopify online stores. Interestingly, referral traffic from Pinterest to Shopify stores is equal to traffic coming from Twitter. Of that traffic, shoppers are 10% more likely to make a purchase compared to those who arrive from other social sites. Furthermore, of those purchases, the average order is $80 which is double the average order from Facebook. Pinterest has already become a huge player in the world of ecommerce.  
Check out all of our findings in the infographic below. Please click on the image to view it in full-screen. 

How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales

How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales

How Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales

To get your ecommerce store up and running on Pinterest, check out our Ultimate Pinterest Ecommerce Guide. Also check out our Pinterest account

Shopify's most popular online stores on Pinterest are: Esther, Asuyeta, & Emmy Lu


  • Ben Myers
    Ben Myers
    May 16 2012, 06:03PM

    It’s good to see that someone actually analyzed the data about conversion rate and order value from a large number of websites. This is the best blog about the value of Pinterest that I’ve seen.

  • Grant
    May 16 2012, 07:24PM

    This is fantastic data, most companies analyze by traffic when in fact the real value is in the quality of traffic. Great info, we are going to keep it going here,

  • Adoboloco
    May 16 2012, 08:13PM

    Mahalo for putting this together, great info! We love pinterest and shopify.

  • Alan Houser
    Alan Houser
    May 16 2012, 09:17PM

    Mahalo for using the word mahalo.

  • Andrew Youderian
    Andrew Youderian
    May 17 2012, 10:53AM

    It’s amazing Pintrest has grown this quickly, and is actually driving commercial sales at this rate. One caveat: If seems the vast majority of Pintrest traffic (and related purchases) are from female customers. If you’re customer base is largely male, this traffic stream won’t be nearly as valuable.

    Any stats / figures on the percentage of men using Pintrest?

  • @Shopify Warren Dunlop
    Warren Dunlop
    May 17 2012, 11:37AM

    @Andrew: I believe it is currently an 80/20 split (female/male). From my research, I think as early as three months ago it was 90/10, so traction within males is gaining fast but I’m not convinced it will be sustainable.

  • Evan
    May 17 2012, 11:58AM

    ~263,000 visits and 320 sales. How do FB/Twitter stats (specific to Shopify stores) compare?

  • Boutique de la Mer
    Boutique de la Mer
    May 17 2012, 12:43PM

    Another great post – I love that you guys provide such up-to-date and useful info for your shop owners. We have found that Pinterest is extremely useful in driving traffic to our store and have converted to numerous purchases. Love you guys & love Pinterest!

  • Andrew Youderian
    Andrew Youderian
    May 17 2012, 01:55PM

    @Warren – Thanks for the reply! That’s a pretty heavy female concentration. A key takeaway from all this is that it’s crucial to make sure marketing is targeted at our core demographic – and that you’re not just chasing the most popular social network of the week. Successful Software just published the findings of their own Pintrest study and found the traffic generated was pretty low-quality:

    Despite their product being focused at women and the wedding industry, the Pintrest traffic just didn’t convert well. It’s easy to spend a lot of time trying to convince people to “Like” our pages or “Pin” our most recent products, but we need make sure those channels are driving high-quality, converting traffic that is worth the investment. Since this will vary for each individual site, it’s crucial to test.

    I recently wrapped up an eBook that discusses common attributes of profitable eCommerce niches. One of the most important attributes is to pick a market with great customers – customers that are likely to shop online AND that can be easily reached by existing, popular channels. With women making up the majority of online shoppers and the explosion of Pintrest, I think there are a lot of opportunities for niche eCommerce stores targeting women right now.

    If anyone’s interested in a copy of the eBook – ‘Profitable eCommerce: A Guide to Market Research, Suppliers & Niche Analysis’’ – you can download it for free here:

  • Brett
    May 17 2012, 02:41PM

    Word to the wise:

    Be careful of the images you’re posting. Most eCommerce sites have permission to publish or use their own images, but don’t get too crazy or you’ll likely get sued.

  • Jennifer Hurshell
    Jennifer Hurshell
    May 18 2012, 02:12PM

    Great info graphic. At Vendaria, we help many Tier-1 IR 500 retailers by developing merchandising tools to enable informative online/mobile shopping experiences that increase sales conversion, and view Pinterest as a fertile new channel.

    See yesterday’s blog post “What’s Your Pinterest Plan” here:

  • Toivo Lainevool
    Toivo Lainevool
    May 18 2012, 09:05PM

    The one figure I don’t see on the infographic that I’d be interested in is the total # of pins. I’d like to know the clicks/pin.

    May 19 2012, 02:59PM

    Great post. It was really interesting and up-to-date like all of your posts.
    Useful information, we will definitely use it in the future.

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson
    May 21 2012, 06:17AM

    Great article, very informative. One quibble though, Pinterest isn’t “effecting the ecommerce industry” it is affecting it.

    May 23 2012, 02:12AM

    There is no doubt that pinterest is in Boom and getting huge benefits over its use. For products this is best to find potential customers.

  • carlo
    June 03 2012, 01:06AM

    What about my personal Pinterest profile, , connected to I seldom pin, but i have several followers and very high engagement –
    Quite nice for a Chinese based Shopify store and Pinterest profile.

  • Mike
    June 06 2012, 04:19AM

    By my maths, these numbers mean Pinterest is driving an average of $1 * per month to each of these stores.

    To me, this shows that social networks really don’t drive much value for online stores.

    $80 × 320 orders / 25000 stores = $1.024
  • Fraser
    June 08 2012, 01:18PM

    My suspicion is that Shopify is only counting sales that directly originate from Pinterest (ie: from to a sale in one browsing session). Retailers need to start thinking about where these visitors are in the purchase funnel and what they can do to move the visitor to the next step. This often means something other than trying to close the sale.

    Social networks have an important role in assisting sales. They raise the profile of stores so that when someone is ready to purchase your store is top of mind. One enterprise retailer we work with has had incredible success giving out samples to Pinterest users. They report that the conversion to a sample is nearly 100% and that a good number of these users later convert to a sale.

    So, what are you doing to keep the interests of your Pinterest visitors?

  • Rose Carter
    Rose Carter
    July 19 2017, 03:00AM

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  • Spencer
    December 28 2017, 09:37PM

    I deleted EVERY single image with link to product i has in Pinterest (over 2000), because they were taking first 3 top page search rankings, and putting the original products and images on my own web sites down halfway down the search results page. Since i deleted all the content and waited 3 weeks, i now stand top of search page results, instead of Pinterest, and my traffic and sales have doubled! Pinterest is not only a content thief, it is a traffic thief, and puts your images on the french, italian, swiss, and all other localised versions of Pinterest subdomains.

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