How To Use Influencers To Drive Sales: 7 Tips for 2022

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Influencers are a powerful force in the marketing world. Not only do they increase brand awareness, but they develop evergreen sales opportunities that can reach millions of online users.

Statistics further highlight the power of influencer marketing. Almost half of all consumers rely on at least one influencer to make purchasing decisions, while 90% of marketers believe its ROI surpasses other marketing channels.

If your brand hasn’t yet explored the possibilities of influencer marketing, you could be missing out on a vital revenue stream.

1. Get influencers to review your products

Today’s audiences are skeptical of the claims put forth in branded marketing collateral. They would rather get product recommendations from real people–including influencers.

More than 60% of consumers trust the fidelity of influencer reviews, which is nearly twice the number of people who trust branded content. Plus, many consumers rely heavily on influencers to vet potential brands or new products. 

So one of the best ways to drive sales with influencers is to have them review your products.

Influencers can review products in many ways. Video is perhaps the most common format on sites like YouTube or Instagram. However, other content creators highlight your products through media such as podcasts, blog posts, or even interviews.

Foster trust, confidence, and increase potential sales for your brand by encouraging influencers to provide honest evaluations of your product—and not just generic endorsements. 

2. Give exclusive discount codes to influencers

One of the simplest ways to get started with influencer marketing is to offer discount codes.

Product discounts encourage consumers to visit your website and evaluate your offerings. They also provide an added layer of cost savings—97% of people look for deals when they shop for new products.

The process of offering a discount through influencers is simple. Once you’ve located an influencer in your niche, supply them with a limited-time discount code to share with their followers. The time limit will add a layer of scarcity to your products and push people to act fast.

You should focus on a specific type of discount to entice viewers to take action.

Some of the most common options include:

  • Percent off discounts for encouraging sales
  • Shipping discounts for introductory transactions
  • Price break discounts for high volume orders

To create discount codes for influencers, you can invite them to join your community in the Shopify Collabs app. Adding a creator to an affiliate tier in the Shopify Collabs app quickly assigns a discount code for influencers to share with their fans and followers. 

Here are the steps:

  • Click the Affiliate tab
  • Choose Tiers
  • Click the Tier name
  • Click on “Add Affiliate” 

Once created, the influencer will receive a notification with the new offer. However, you should also contact them by email or direct message (DM) to confirm.

3. Run a contest or giveaway with influencers

Contests and giveaway campaigns are a tried and true strategy that helps influencers build engagement with their followers. Meanwhile, brands get the opportunity to raise brand awareness and get their products in interested hands.

You can launch a contest and ask influencers to promote it or co-host a giveaway where both the influencer and your brand decide the entry rules and prizes.

Most influencer giveaways require participants to tag a friend and share the post with their followers. These actions help partner brands attract more eyeballs to their products and also gives brands user generated content to share on their branded channels. 

4. Ask influencers to use your branded hashtag

Branded hashtags are a no-nonsense way to ensure your brand stays in your target audience's social media feed. 

While you can choose a generic branded hashtag, we’d recommend a campaign-specific hashtag for any social media activations. 

Canadian clothing brand Kit and Ace has high engagement from their hashtag, #thisiskitandace. This is just one example of campaign specific hashtag success.

5. Run a social media takeover with an influencer

Want to shake up your content and grab some extra attention? A social media takeover can be a great strategy. During a takeover, the influencer makes posts from your account for a specified period of time. Typically, takeovers range from an hour to a full day, but sometimes they can last up to a week.

A takeover gives your audience the opportunity to get into the mind of the influencer and how they connect with your brand.

There are a couple of ways to go about this: you can give them your social media account passwords and let them go for the gold, or you can take a more internally managed approach by having them send you content to post yourself.