Carbon-neutral shipping on all BFCM orders

All orders made through our platform over the Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping weekend will ship carbon neutral.

Here's how it works: A rigorous formula built by Shopify data scientists calculates the estimated carbon emissions for each Black Friday Cyber Monday shipment. We then team up with Shopify Sustainability Fund partners to address CO2 emissions equal to the BFCM shipping footprint.

The result? You can ensure carbon-neutral shipping on all of your BFCM orders.

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Here’s how we tackle climate change the other 361 days of the year

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Shopify Planet: Sustainability backed by Shopify

You take care of shipping. We’ll take care of the carbon.

By using Planet to ship carbon neutral, you can showcase your commitment with customizable badges and marketing assets.

Again, we’re picking up the tab for addressing all BFCM shipping emissions. To ship carbon neutral the rest of the year, install Planet today.

Joining forces with climate entrepreneurs

Shopify backs groundbreaking companies that are removing carbon from the atmosphere. These innovators are creating concrete injected with carbon, massive fans sponging carbon from the atmosphere, and more.

The Shopify Sustainability Fund contributes at least $5 million annually to support climate entrepreneurs who are fighting climate change. And in 2022, Shopify launched Frontier, a joint commitment from five founding partners to spend a combined $1 billion on permanent carbon removal by 2030.

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Kickstarting low-emissions fuels

Shopify signed a first-of-its-kind agreement with carbon transformation company Twelve. The $2.5 million deal will help scale E-Jet®, a fuel that Twelve creates by transforming captured CO2 into fuel that can be used by freight and commercial airline carriers.

100% carbon-neutral company and platform

Our carbon-neutral operations commitment means we reduce or remove all emissions from our building and home office energy usage, as well as business travel. The Shopify platform also operates on Google Cloud, which runs on 100 percent renewable energy.

Our latest Climate Report

Millions of merchants across more than 175 countries rely on Shopify to power their businesses. But commerce can only thrive in the long-term if our planet thrives too. Our latest Climate Report explains how we approach sustainability for our business, our merchants, and our planet.