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.vet Domain Name Registration

Why choose a .vet domain?

.vet overview

If you're a veterinarian or animal clinic, or work with veterans in your community, a .vet domain name can help you stand out online. The .vet generic top-level domain (TLD) is ideal for those looking for a website name outside of the typical .com extension.

.vet facts, stats & history

The .vet top-level domain (TLD) has a wide range of available domains since there are currently only around 8,000 registrations. and Rightside is the current registry operator for the backend. The .vet extension can be used for any purpose or category.

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Is .vet right for you?

.vet benefits

Anyone in the world can register a .vet domain name as there are still plenty of available domain names to choose from. However, typically, people in the veterinary or animal clinic niches choose a .vet domain extension.

Ideas for your .vet domain

A .vet domain name is popular for veterinarians, animal clinics, animal hospitals, veterinary schools, or even military veterans. So, whether you’re building a military-based blog or an animal clinic, a .vet domain is a great choice.

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FAQ - Learn more about .vet domains

  • A .vet domain name is a popular generic top-level domain (TLD) for the veterinary industry and for military veterans.
  • You could use a .vet domain name for a number of reasons, such as to build a website for your animal clinic, veterinary school, or military experience.
  • There are no restrictions, so if the domain is still available, absolutely anyone can buy a .vet domain name via Shopify.
  • Yes, you can buy a branded .vet domain name through Shopify.
  • Shopify offers free SSL for all the domains registered through our platform. SSL certificates can cost you hundreds of dollars a year.